***MORE SPLENDOR*** Rob Pattinson continues to channel Jacob Jankowski

Do we think the man in the blue cap is Francis Lawrence? I'm not good at these things...
splendor in the grass begins...

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  • Cyn

    *swoooooooooon* these pics still leave me breathless… So beautiful…

  • RoslynSelene

    Nice! Wait…why is he in the grass? I don’t remember this in the book.

  • kphrase

    Yes, Tink.. I believe that is St. Francis in the blue cap… 🙂 Cannot believe the amount of set pics rolling in… awesome!

    • they’re amazing…i like that we arent getting TOO many details from them. many Rob fans regret having so much access to the pics from the Remember Me shoot. we were practically able to piece the film together last summer. the WFE pics have been just enough to wet our appetite but not give the big stuff away.

      i thought that was “St. Francis”…couldnt be sure. rob on the other hand lol…i could identify him if i were blind.

  • Rachel

    Is he dancing in that one picture?? lol

  • Sus

    I don’t know, ladies! There’s probs gonna be some good sexin’ in Bel Ami, but Robowski is seriously killing me! Hope we get to see good lovin’ between him and Reese. He just looks so panty-droppin’ hawt here! I am *DED*……!

  • Shannon

    He looks like he is having a blast filming this movie. He is smiling in nearly every picture that comes out the set. It’s so nice to see. He looks SO happy. It just adds to his sexiness.

  • andrea

    wow ladies i like the beautiful pics from robowski sooo much, he looks like beautiful and he is laughin all time…. he makes me crazy

  • femroc

    I’m noticing Kristen smiling more too in her pix in Korea – maybe the two of them are looking at each others online pictures and when he smiles at the camera he’s really smiling at her!

  • awww… so cute, hi’s yawning <3

  • passionsonsflower

    Rob is just too sexy for our own good!!! Solo much sex appeal for one man is criminal!!! We are some very lucky women!!! DED!!!

  • suzyquzy

    I’d guess based on the pic I saw of Francis Lawrence that he is
    more like the guy in the dark brown shorts, light shirt, and
    dark cap. He is holding what looks like a megaphone in one
    pic and is in several pics with Rob. He is only 40, born in Austria and
    raised and educated in California. This is only a guess.

  • Lynda

    Love all the beautiful pic of our Robowski but doesn’t anyone wonder what they including Rob are looking at?? I bet you they are working with an animal right….. uhhh okay easy guess, right??
    Anyway keep ’em coming we always love to look at Rob!!

  • Robert Thomas loves to be alone and think. Thats when he does his best work give him some breathing room. You do my heart good keep smiling. I watched the MTV movie awards Twilight took it all the way you go baby.