**NEW PICS** Rob channels Jacob Jankowski and a glimpse of the cats!



MORE splendor in the grass in the gallery below

love the cats


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  • girls, let me a moment:
    WHY!!! WHYYYYYYY!!!!
    thank you 😉

  • Cherry

    where im located, its cold wet and miserable, these pics ive been looking at, sure brings sunshine and heat into my world.
    Thank you Rob

  • Alice87

    And another sunny day with the veterinarian who owns my ass! 🙂

    I love his outfit so much! He rocks the 30´s!

    I´m really excited about all the animals in this movie!

    *sigh* Is it 2011 yet???

  • Alex

    lucky animals

  • LOL @ Alex! 2011 is gonna be Robmazing!!!

  • alina

    How could I be an extra in the movie? i’m ready to play a monkey 🙂 I just want to see him closer

  • nicole

    I really envy the animals who can get close to Rob!!!

  • Mrsoni

    Rob is so beautiful … seems from another planet

  • Great pictures, but I want to see pictures of the sideshow.

  • Read the book. Can’t wait for the movie.

  • you guys did it again I can’t wait to see this movie done also Bel Aim Robert Thomas you do my heart good

  • I spy fingerporn! And is Dean in the movie, too? Just kidding. I love that he’s never far away from Rob. I noticed in one of the pictures the other day he was handing Rob a lighter and had probably handed him the cigarette, as well. Dean seems to be more than just a bodyguard. I hope he’s what Taylor is to Fifty Shades in MotU 🙂

    • LOL ive been thinking the same thing…um….extending your duties?

  • dtfangrrrl

    More piccies!!! Yay!!!

  • Lynda from Philly

    17foreverlisa — exactly what I was thinking about Dean. I think he IS just like Taylor was to Fifty in MoTU. Now if we could only get Rob to play a role similar to Fifty and Dean could play Taylor,now THAT would def die us all (all over again). ~~sigh~~Oh my lord, the possibilities!

    • Don’t think it doesn’t cross my mind daily!! I only just recently started reading MotU (MoTU/MOTU/LOL!). I’m up to Chapter 70. I’m normally a fast reader, but am dreading letting go of these characters and have been taking my time. All of the pictures of Rob in the “white linen shirt” on the WFE set? Um. Yeah. *died*

      Laters baby x

      • Sus

        MotU is one of the best FF’s EVAH! Fifty and “Laters, baby” are classics! Wish it could be made into a script or something!

        Enjoy the ride….I’m actually re-reading it again! Can’t get enough of Fifty Shades!

  • Susan

    WOW!! Seeing that 1st pic just took my breath away as soon as I scrolled down!! Rob, you truly are extraordinary in so many ways! The way you look, your sweet personality & humor! Your acting & musical talents! ALL AMAZINGLY!! There are a lot of handsome celebs, but only you brighten my days! Yes, you ARE the most influential & beautiful — you make so many people happy! It’s fun to be able to get a glimpse of what you’re doing each day or so!! Sending you love & best wishes!

  • Sus

    Big giant GAH!!! That’s all I can say!

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  • dtfangrrrl

    Splendor in the grass, indeed. *wink*

  • Alex

    Love Ro.Love Jacob. Love WFE

    My mission is to get all my friends to read the book. I want them to be team Jacob. not the wolf but the Vet.LOL

  • MgS

    Am I the only one who thinks Robert Pattinson is too handsome to play Jacob? I mean who would believe he had a hard time trying to get that girl to have sex with him in the beginning of the book?

    • LOL

    • Alexandria

      I totally agree with MgS…who in the whole world will believe that any girl will refuse to have sex with the Jacob character, specially if he looked like Rob. Jeeee, everytime I look at his photos I have like an electroshock!!!