PHOTOS: From the ‘Water for Elephants’ set Monday, June 7

Set soldier Natural Addict sent us these shots and a recap of what went down on the ‘Water for Elephants’ set today!

“Well nothing very exciting happened this time, and all was quiet, and the old fillmore set is now gone, but here was a few shots I took and the green buildings are a possible new shooting location?? Not sure. It is where I found the new “Jerry” signs. Sorry I didn’t have something more interesting to report. If there is anything here you want to use, you are more than welcome to.”

We will take what we can get! Here are her photos!

  • intothemystic

    I wonder if the green building is the motel that Jacob takes Marlena to…to protect her from August?? Just a guess 🙂

  • suzyquzy

    Thanks for all your efforts…every photo just gets us more into
    the time and place.

  • AveryS

    Thx for letting us know

  • zeebie

    These pics look like they are from the Piru set? They were filming at the Fillmore set today. 🙂

  • tessANZ

    stumbled here while surfing the net taking a break from work and am amazed at the fidelity you dedicated people have to reporting and posting about the progress and development of this movie. my hat off to you all…performing this wonderful service to those of us unable to access the huge amount of information etc related to this project.
    Rob love you all, as i most certainly do! no need to apologise for the photos at all!!
    Hi JAG! wonder how you keep this up…how many blogs do you keep juggling in the air! you have a wickedly punishing schedule, girl! Welll done!

  • thanks great work!!

  • naturaladdict

    well the fillmore set that used to be off 7th is completely gone as are the signs, I found a new area, but found no shooting going on there, at least when I was there.

  • lyssa

    i saw the “jerry” sign today on the corner of old telegraph/grand. but i couldn’t really see if anything was going on through the trees. then again i was trying to drive without crashing 😛
    have you found any new sets yet?