*NEW PICS* Robowski back at work!

You know what this means….

gonna be a busy day… 🙂

Set pics from Monday, June 7, 2010

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  • rpattzgirl

    OMR!!! Robowski looking hot as ever!!!

  • how does he always looking soooo good no matter wat…i love him!!!!

  • alina

    Didn’t you give him the day off? He won three awards! You are sooo hard 😉 but I thank you cause I can see him again 🙂

  • I love Rob. Beautiful! *-*

  • allergictowhat

    He looks extra…. dirty. and his face looks kind of tired… I’m thinking this could be the morning after barbara and friend try to seduce him and he feels terribly hung over?

  • kphrase

    Tink, there are tons more over at http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/ Go get’um.. 🙂

  • looks like gorgeous as ever, our dirty man 1313

  • andrea

    uhhh rob is sooo beautiful, i like him so much

  • robskitten

    It’s nice to see Rob looking so tan! Couldn’t believe the color in his cheeks nor how he seems happy in all of the pics even if his character is depressed, tired, or working hard. I think this is going to be a wonderful film!! BTW, how can a man make even a blue workshirt and dirt seem sexy and attractive?? He does and does it well. All these pics make me squirm. Go Rob!

  • i love him…

  • Jojo

    Officially dead
    Im not lyin he wants to kill me
    And im welcomin it

  • dtfangrrrl

    I wanna know what he’s reading! 🙂

  • Alison4828

    Rob with a cigarette is hawt! Oh to be between his lips like that…GAH! *thud*

  • Elizabeth

    I love him when he’s duhhrty!

  • Alexia Pons

    HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!!…and that fabulous tanned and swety face…OMG!!!

  • Alexia Pons

    I wonder what he is reading…

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  • Mandy

    Nice! Wish he didn’t smoke though.

  • Find out what he’s reading. you do my heart good

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  • Alexandria

    It is on a Kindly he is reading??? It is so nice he uses his spare time to read…I am a avid reader too…whish I could recommend him some of the supergood books I have read…and he should stop smoking!!!

    • dofilm

      He may be reading his Sides, or pages of lines for that day of shooting. Keeping them together in a notebook is a smart move, but doesn’t it seem like he has no assistant on the set? You guys would know this one – does Rob ask for an assistant when he shoots a film?

  • kristi

    I just got done reading this book. Great book.I am sure Rob will do a great job in this movie….