NEW Robert Pattinson talks Bel Ami in Premiere Magazine

Thanks to Thinking of Rob for this translation of Robert Pattinson from Premiere Magazine:

P: Regard­ing Bel Ami, you know that French peo­ple will be wait­ing with this movie with a knife between their teeth…

RP: I’m aware of that, believe me. I would never have the courage to do promo for this movie in Paris I’m so stressed. I met Mar­ion Cotil­lard dur­ing a party before film­ing began and I asked her to read the script care­fully because there was a per­fect role for her. She asked me: “Why make Bel Ami in Eng­lish? It’s weird isn’t it?” At that moment I under­stood how the film will be received in your coun­try. I hope it will suc­ceed and that you will be open minded about it. What impresses me is that the book is not well known else­where. I only dis­cov­ered it after read­ing receiv­ing the script and it imme­di­ately became one of my favourite books.

  • dtfangrrrl

    I’m really looking forward to this movie – I actually did read the book years ago and it’s awesome! Rob is perfect. 🙂

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  • I’ve read the book also. I can just picture Robert playing “bel aim” and I can’t wait until it released. Robert Thomas you do my heart good

  • Sus

    I loved the book, and can’t wait to see Rob in this part. Of course, I don’t know if I will truly be able to handle it!

  • Manny

    Premier Magazine special with Robert Pattinson now available at

  • kim

    I read the book many moons ago and loved it though it was quite raunchy but now can’t wait to see how it will be portrayed on the big screen but if Rob’s in it i hope it’s as raunchy as i remember & more – please!

  • Brenda Pietersen

    everything you touch,turns to gold..i love you

  • Brenda Pietersen

    Haven’t red the book,but looking forward to this movie,u r inspiration to me

  • enviro

    So cool to hear Rob loved the book too. I only read it because he was in the movie but I think it’s fantastic. ToR awesome as usual translating!

  • Leslie

    I have this mag, and I just have to say, “please Rob come in France, you have not to be afraid”. It’s stupid, be strong Rob, we love this book here but the movie project is a nice new 😉