Coochie Casting News is reporting that Nell, a coochie girl, will be played by Tracy Phillips. Tracy’s list of credits include (500) Days of Summer and Dream Girls both in which she played dancers. She is also credited as choreographer for Water for Elephants.

I don’t know why the Benzini Brothers Circus was considered second rate… they certainly have the most beautiful coochie girls. Click here for a refresher on Barbara.  Are we jealous yet??

 Kinker Tink posted about Rob talking Water for Elephants at TwiTour, you can read that post here.

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  • Sophie

    I had to read the book just so I could follow along with all that was being said here. (Currently working on Bel Ami.)

    Wonder who will be Camel.

  • Midnight Sun

    Sweet Queenie. :-3 Tracy Phillips is really perfect, pity that the book has a very small and some not very nice.

  • Lisa

    Queenie’s a boy – I love it! Don’t worry doggy, LASSIE was always played by males and I don’t think it had any adverse effects on them.

  • kathleen

    awhh everytime i look at that pic of the dog i see the scene between him and jacob after Jacob finds out that walter and camel were killed :(((

  • Sophie

    @deb: OMGosh, I can’t believe I missed that post. I’m on here all the time! Thanks for that.

  • Kellyn

    I barely even remember the character of Nell, but I guess I was too caught up in the book and I read it a while ago. I am so incredibly excited for this movie to come out! Ok, I am sure I will get some flack for this….that is if anyone actually reads it because I know I am posting kind of late but when I pictured the book being made into a movie I didnt really think that Rob would be the best for this role….I think I just thought of him as being too good looking for it.

    But now that I am seeing all the pix of him in costume he looks great and for the first time even I will go to the midnight showing of this movie!! I think I have read the book at least 10 times since it came out, I dont know why but I just love it!

    ….one last thing that I wasnt so sure about is the casting of Barbara. I just always pictured her as a slightly over-weight woman who has this Kathy Bates sort of look. But im sure when I see Ms. Scott it will be great!

  • nita

    Does anyone have any idea if the child extras have been selected? I had two inquiries for my daughter, but nothing since. 🙁