Cali Chic Reese: We can’t quit you!

What’s a week on H2O without Cali Chic Reese?

easy, breezy, beautiful...

Last week, we were treated to an abundance of Reese pics! Two posts! *fans self* Let me sit down. It’s too much.

But now the well is dry again. It’s understandable. Marleese is a paparazzi enigma. It’s Robowski they want because it’s Robowski many crave. C’est la vie. I have no problems turning H2O into a Cali Chic photo journal for Reese’s casual getups. 😉 It seems the paps love EverydayReese…and who wouldn’t? She’s awesome. 🙂

Earlier today, Roustabout actorpat tweeted: 

Just getting home from set of #WFE. Got to see Reese doing her act, and a tightrope walker. Watching the monitors, the shots look awesome!

And last week, Roustabout thorknai tweeted:

Emotional day on set. Reese is a phenomenal actress!

While we may not have many photographs of Marleese, she sure is dazzling the cast of WFE! No surprise there 🙂

Stay tuned next week, when Cali Chic Reese defines Cali Casual once again!


  • rpattzgirl

    Damn she is cute! Can’t wait to see this movie!!!!

  • mrsaubergine

    Can we say “Easy, breezy, beautiful” if she’s the Avon Lady? Shouldn’t that be “Ding dong!”? LOL.