PICS: His Hoodie Hotness, Rob Pattinson, Arrives On the Water for Elephants Set

Rob Pattinson arrived on the ‘Water for Elephants’ set today donning a long-sleeved black hoodie, even though the temperature in downtown LA hovered around 75 degrees. Filming will take place in a hotel in downtown LA tonight until the wee hours of the morning. Updates as we get them.

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  • Lucia

    So i think Robowski and Marleena will have some fun together this night… hotel, nightshoot – sounds like some hot stuff. Though Rob looks quite shy and concentrated in the pics.

  • suzyquzy

    Hoodie usually means the herd of wild paps have found him…Does it?

  • Treena

    There is a good possibilty they’ll shoot the love scene tonight remember after Marlena leaves August she moves to a hotel and that is where she and Jake get the groove on….holy cow I cannot imagine there being chemistry between these two but we shall see….

    • Kenzie childress

      Well don’t tell the good stuff!! Haha jk

  • Alexandria

    YES!!! Love scene in the air…and he is wearing that hood because, sadly, I am not around to heat him up a little…any time Rob!!!