WfE Extras Prepare for Party Scene *Pix*

From Socialite Life

 Extras on the set of Water for Elephants were spotted goofing around on a balcony during a party scene filmed for the movie. One extra decided to take matters into her own hands and promote her website to watchful photographers. Crafty little minx isn’t she?

Hair, makeup, costumes... all perfect!
You go girl!!!
Who's photographing whom? :)


  • GlassGirl1972

    what fun… they look like they are having a ball… i KNOW I WOULD BE!!!

  • I’d like to be one of them!! And hey girl with the sign, I’ll be looking for you in the movie!! Her dress is so cute!

    • The costumes are blowing my mind. I love how cohesive the extras look, whether roustabouts or speakeasy patrons, everyone just looks thrilled to be there!

  • Elizabeth

    The costumes are so authentic. This movie is going to be awesome!

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