Rosie’s Week in Review July 04/10

Step right up and get your Water for Elephants recap here!!!

Last week, Kinker Tink did some set soldiering and took an amazing series of photos of the Benzini Circus banners. She also regaled us with her “inner dialogue” (she’s mad I tell ya ūüėČ ) Click here to read her adventure

Dapper dudes and glamorous gals in the recap after the jump!

We had some great behind the scenes looks at Water for Elephants.¬†See extra Lauren Harpers’s tweet and pics here. A set soldier shared her pictures from LA of extras on their way to set. And¬†there was¬†a great group of photos of glammed up speakeasy patrons up on a balcony. More here.¬†

Scan from Atrevida magazine

Click here for a great interview with Robert Pattinson. He’s definitely #TeamRosie! (aren’t we all?!?) And click here for 5 Not-so-secret Water for Elephants production secrets.

The Kinkers were briefly distracted from Robowski...

Rob’s side project, The Twilight Saga, premiered it’s latest installment, Eclipse, with a record-breaking midnight opening. Read more here!

The night shoot of the speakeasy raid scene was well documented. *giggle* We saw the Water for Elephants men arriving on set. Pix of His Hoodie Hotness here and Christoph looking Robish here. And a glammed-up Reese prepared for the shoot.

Lots and lots of pictures here and *gasp* VIDEO here!

And since all tuxedo, all the time can be a little monotonous (not really) I’ll end the¬†recap with some Duhrty Robowski…

 More fuzzy, duhrty goodness here.

Time to wish. Hmm, I think I’m still too sleepy, it’s your turn. What are you wishing to see from the Water for Elephant’s set this week??