Photo: ‘Water for Elephants’ Author Sara Gruen and Rosie on Set!

Author Sara Gruen is lifted up by Rosie on the set of WATER FOR ELEPHANTS.

This is precious! Rosie/Tai you warm my heart. Sarah, it looks like you had an amazing time meeting YOUR Rosie! I trust she fit the bill as you envisioned her!

Author Sara Gruen and Rosie

Thanks to our partner Algonquin Books for sharing this!


    OMG !! i would be so scary !!
    so it’s that what Tai did to Rob haha. I wish i could see.

    Tai is such a strong girl, luv her
    And Sara, thanks for the awesome book =)

  • LOL That’s AWESOME!!!

  • jan

    Hi Sara! Awesome book with amazing characters (like Rosie there!) and it WILL be an awesome movie!!!
    Thanks a bazillion!! 😀

  • Yea!! What a wonderful site you have,and beautiful pictures you so genrously share.
    Thank you to all of you who make this site happen! Look how cute that Tai is!

    Thanks again for sharing.

  • Ayana

    AWESOME!! Rosie/Tai looks like she’s lauhging and having just as much fun as Sarah is!! Please tell me Rob tried this! How cool is it to have such a blast with such an outstanding animal! Call me simple, but my heart is overjoyed at the mere sight of this massive animal in such a sweet display of affection!

  • Lisa

    My God Rosie – don’t eat Sara, you won’t have room for August!

  • passionsonsflower

    AWWW!!! Rosie picked Sara up in gratitude for the cheeseburger Sara brought to the set for her!!! What a great day that must have been for Sara!!! I saw the tweets that said Hal Holbrook visited the set. Any of you ladies have info pertaining to his shoot or location? I’m curious to know if he has finished yet? Also is final day of shooting the 9th or the 19th ? Curious minds would love to know?! So many questions and so little time left. *sigh* Thanks so much kinkers.