Set Soldier Sachertorte Meets Christoph Waltz!

Lucky Set Soldier Sachertorte met the namesake of her fansite Thursday at the ‘Water for Elephants’ set! She flew all the way from Pittsburgh, PA in an attempt to meet Christoph before filming wraps very soon. The photo captions tell her story, so take a look!

Christoph and @Jekkie34, who also kissed him
Christoph with Sachertorte, of Sachertorte und Strudel (who is extremely camera-shy)
Christoph looking enthralled when Sacher told him she was from Pittsburgh
Christoph waving bye bye!
Our posters made by @Jekkie34
More wonderful posters made by @Jekkie34
Front of WFE base camp

Thanks for sharing this awesome story, Sachertorte!!

  • How awesome is that?!! He looks like a sweet man. :O)

  • P maeda

    Christoph was surprisingly funny on set.

    A WFE extra

  • Holly

    I was there!! He was such a sweetheart and loved the attention. So glad to have seen him. πŸ™‚

    And even more glad for the 2 women πŸ™‚

  • niahid

    Oh My God. I love him

  • alison4828

    Awww I love Christoph he seems like a genuinely nice guy. So happy for all his success! Thanks for sharing your pic w/us set soldiers!

  • Lisa

    Yeah girl go get it – now we want details!

  • Love the signs!! So glad you guys got to meet Christoph πŸ™‚

  • Elizabeth

    I am so happy for you! What a cool guy.

  • Jekkie34

    It was such a wonderful opportunity for myself and Sacher to meet Christoph πŸ™‚ Special thanks goes to “Set Soldiers” Jasmine and Monique for all there help…especially Jasmine, who sacrificed her body in front of Christoph’s car to get him to stop. BTW…the Der Humpink Poster is now completed with the “Red Bow” by Christoph’s name πŸ™‚

  • As Sacher will tell you, I was the first set soldier, from June 28 – 30. I got a photo autographed and also took a lovely closeup photo of him when he stopped to talk with my son and me on June 30th. Sacher flew out after being inspired by my experience. Let me know if you’d like to see my photos.

    • Lisa

      Would love to see your photos.

      • Deborah Lazaroff

        Sorry, I didn’t see this reply before! Let me know how I can go about sending you the photos so you can post them. πŸ™‚