Bel Ami Deliver Date Listed as December 2010

Protagonist Pictures, the company responsible for sales of distribution rights, has listed on their website that Bel Ami is in post-production and has a deliver date of December 2010. We speculate that this deliver date was chosen so that Bel Ami could be nominated for awards in 2010.

Bel Ami is an art house film, we don’t expect that it will get the same pomp and circumstance as the Robert Pattinson-starring Twilight films do. As well it shouldn’t, it’s a classic type of film that deserves a different level of respect. Don’t be looking for Georges Duroy gear being sold at Hot Topic. 🙂

There’s been some rumors lately about why Bel Ami does not have a North American distributor, even a petition going around urging fans of Robert Pattinson to sign and help get the film released in the USA.  We really think everyone should rest assured that Bel Ami will get a North American distributor, it may just be a matter of kicking the tires before you buy the car. We can’t imagine a Robert Pattinson movie not showing in the USA! But we will be proactive and send some questions off to the film’s marketing team and ask for an official comment.

The questions we will seek answers to are:

1. Where and when will the film open?

2. Will the film be included in the Toronto Film Festival and Sundance?

3. What is the status of a North American distributor?

4. Will the film be a wide-release or limited release?

What questions (serious) do YOU want us to ask?

Screencap of Protagonist's Website - click to view full size
  • maaahtwi4ever

    “it’s a classic type of film that deserves a different level of respect” back up, kids, this movie is for adults.
    I can’t wait, december is not that far, and i really hope this movie gets to Brazil.

  • nani

    No quiero perderme esta pelicula por nada del mundo.
    Pido que llegue a ESPAÑA…por favor !

  • Carlisa

    If there’s no distributor for North America yet, where does that leave Australian audiences? I NEED to see this movie!!!

    • E-

      read the article. 😀 you lucky folks have a distributor!

  • Maria in CT

    I can’t believe there would be any question of it being released in the US! Rob’s popularity should guarantee it being shown here and I sure hope it will be in wide release. How can a movie due well in limited release? Look what happened to The Runaways. I never got to see that.

    I hope you get your answers! Can’t wait to hear them. December 2010 sounds really good to me – something to look forward to.

    Love your site and all your updates! Thanks!

  • In Spain don´t have not know where to get information about

  • O M G…*jumpjumpjump*
    Iam glad my country (Indonesia) had bought this movie I mean the distributor
    Oh happy bday to me….LOL
    I love Robward but Iam more love Rob in different roles
    please december please december

  • Jessie

    I would love to know if there is an Australian distributor and if so when it’s due for release down under. Can’t wait to watch it.

  • Great news! The book is a classic, and the movie has a class A cast. I’ve no doubt we’ll be seeing it in North America and I’ll be first in line when that day comes. 🙂

  • imdcsing

    Thanks for reporting this. I’ve been waiting and checking almost everyday…This is such a great story and Rob is perfect for it. I think you are asking all the right questions…I’ll be waiting for those answers…

  • Lynn

    Oh please, Santa, let it be released in the US this December. I want Bel Ami Rob for Christmas!

  • apotampkin
  • Are they nuts? Bel Ami has to be distributed in the U.S. I have been talking it up to all my friends. Can’t wait to see it. I will even drive across town to see it at the Independent Film Theater. It is going to be a hot, hot movie all because of Robert.

  • HollyC

    The petition to get the US distributor can be found at
    I signed it to be proactive and to help make sure there will be a US distributor.

  • somanywards


  • enviro

    I am mystified. You’re saying they’re having some kind of problem getting this distributed in North America? I must be completely out of touch with reality since I assume anything Rob is in is going to be huge. OK, Remember Me was not as big as I thought it would be, but it did end up making money and had basically no other stars and here is Uma Thurman? Plus we have a story that does not have a very problematic ending (sorry folks, love Rob, hated the ending)? I’m baffled.

  • Sue

    Does anyone know what Bel Ami will be rated??? PG-13 oh PLEASE SAY “R”??

    • Becca

      With the sex and obvious nudity the script calls for, I doubt a PG13 rating could do this film justice. I’m thinking we are in for some nice rated-R Rob!

  • suziekew

    Protagonist rep says deliver date and release date are two entirely different things – deliver date is an industry term which I think means when it is ready for dissemination to the distributors in some way, shape or form, but release date in cinemas could be weeks after that.