A day in the life of a rube: the story continues…

Cody Wood! A WFE rube ;)

Cody Wood already shared part one of his WFE Extra Experience. Here is the next installment:

Screams echoed around and around and my heart pounded. Leaping over hay bales I came bounding almost even with the llama again….”CUT!!!! CUT!” shouted the assistant director. Everyone came to a stop and looked around. Twenty feet to my right an elephant lifted its trunk in the air. The megaphone rang out again. “Places everyone. Great job. Places.” We all marched back to our starting positions and tried to collect ourselves for another stampede.

Francis Lawrence, the director, sat under a black awning against the circus bleachers. His face was calm with a slight smile of satisfaction as he watched the footage. He exchanged words with the AD (Assistant Director). Almost immediately I heard the cue: “Pictures up!” A pause. “And BACKGROUND!” On background we all began the exhilarating sprint from danger once more. A plume of dust rose from our pounding feet and swirled around the swinging lamps. Wind pushed the top of the tent up and down like waves. As the motion of canvas, lamps, and people rushed about, the enormous elephant stood calmly in the center of the ring. “And CUT! Thank you folks! Good job.”

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  • Love this!! And I really love hearing about Rob on the set!

  • suzyquzy

    I was waiting for part two..Cody does have a way with words.

  • passionsonsflower

    Wow that was great!!! First hand info on a day in the life of a rube. Thanks for sharing Cody. This was well written and I can’t wait to read the next installment. Especially since a certain someone showed up on the set!!!

  • jan

    Cody writes so well! Thanks for sharing the awesome experience with us and here’s to the next installment!!! 😀

  • Heartfelt thank you’s for an excellent play by play.

  • i love love love cody’s experience….i felt breathless reading this one 🙂

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  • Stormy

    Cody you’re a WONDERFUL writer. You received a great education, I can tell. From the description, I felt like I didn’t miss a thing! If you decide you don’t want to be an actor, you can be a h*ll of a writer.

  • Mitts402002

    Thanks for sharing and posting. It’s an great insider’s view of the process. Love it! Can’t wait for more. Can’t wait for the movie. Too early to start planning premiere party. Lol