Untagged and LARGER! The tux that keeps on giving

I really can’t get enough of TuxedoRob and TuxedoChristoph. Well…who am I kidding. It’s really Rob that does me in but I’m going to do a side swoon for Christoph in honor of Sachertorte 😉

We’ve seen these but they are now untagged and LARGER. That’s just my excuse for posting the hotness all over again on a lazy Sunday.

Can't get enough of your tux baby!

Untagged LARGENESS after the swoon…


  • Vicki

    Damn I feel like a dirty old lady…but yowwza!!

  • Mandy07

    Can’t get enough of these pics everytime I see them I feel like a pair of jel pads in his shoes! Walk on me baby let me feel you!! Love how he carries his E-book every where he goes. So sweet seeing a young man reading all of the time, no wonder he is so intelligent.

  • Alex

    I just love Rob and this film. Team Jacob all the way. LOL

    Thnx for the photos. I will be bored when they finish shooting. What is next for Rob?

  • penni

    I can truly say what an amazing display of Robness you have shown me over the weeks and months of filming. I just love the guy no matter what he wears but this is just something else. I need a cold shower.

  • Linda

    I do love this man and cannot wait for the movie! Thank you for all the pictures. I know the man in front of Rob is his body guard but does he really need him on set like this? I know nothing about movie sets – are they not safe?