*NEW PICS* Ta-dah! Reese Witherspoon is ready for her closeup!

Reese was all dolled up for a WFE shoot on Wednesday. Check out her sparkle! You know what’s underneath that dressing gown 😉

Could there be pink sequins underneath the dressing gown? Or the diamond necklace? :)

Thanks RPlife for the tip!

Source: Angie/CelebrityJuicer SplashNews


    beautiful, every day i am more and more excited for WFE, more than any other movie o.o

  • OutOfMyElement

    Must be rough going through life so pretty…………

  • Caty

    from robs pics earlier to that sparkly necklace i know what scene was done toddaayy 🙂

    • ooooooooo….yes yes yes 🙂 i know now too…not pink sequins…. 😉

  • Hey Deb,
    Thanks for Running my Photos Of Reese the Last time I will ever Shoot Her in WfE wardrobe, So Sparkly and Beautiful.

    Please Credit:

    twitter me AngiesPlace007

  • Agnes

    Hold on.Why Marlena (Reese) is blonde? She’s suppose to have light brown hair like in book