Report: Chattanooga Casting Info


On Tuesday, we were first to share the report of a ‘Water for Elephants’ Chattanooga casting notice that was circulating around the South. We wanted to follow it up to let you know that we have an update to report.

Word is that Jacob and Marlena’s kids (1 boy and 1 girl) will be cast today. Once they are picked, they are to report to Chattanooga on July 28th.

Robert Pattinson Age 6

We’re not going to speculate on how many or which scenes are being shot in Chattanooga… yet, but since they involve young children we think one (at least) involves a look at Jacob and Marlena’s married life post-Benzini Bros. Circus.

We will keep you posted.

  • jan


    I so wanna pinch those cherubic cheeks!!!! 😀

    Do try and get a kiddy pic of Reese too, pretty please!!! 😉

  • Even if you weren’t the first to report, you are the source I go to and trust.

    Robowski’s son and daughter…why does the thought of that make me go weak at the knees.

  • Elizabeth

    Awwww. Rob looks like my son did at that age. Too bad we are 14 years too late.

  • @Elizabeth – Mine, too! I did a whole blog post on that very same thing.

  • karen

    What a little sweetheart!! And now he is a grown up sweetheart! I wonder if they will find someone that looks like him?? Thanks for the pic. Great!

  • rpattzgirl

    OMG…look at that beautiful face…..who’d have thunk it!

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  • magicdancer

    That’s odd. Jacob and Marlena had more than two children. I wonder why they’re only going to film two.

  • Alison4828

    How exciting!! Reminds me of Rob wanting his “son” to play him in his life story…LMAO! Better get working on that Rob…procreate, procreate, procreate!

  • Linda

    Hmmm…can we assume from this that Rob will be in Tennessee next week??? I’m on the other side of the state but Chattanooga is seeming closer and closer! Maybe it’s time for a road trip. Or maybe he should stop by Memphis when he’s finished filming – lots of good music here.

  • Tatah


  • sunshine

    They had five children and they are casting at least five. Who ever said it was one boy and one girl were mistaken.

  • sunshine

    the reason i state this is because if they are staying true to the book then wouldn’t they do this all the way to the end. why stop at the end of a wonderful story and not give it the grace that it deserves? did not mean lead anyone on to anything else, poor choice of words.

  • evelyn

    Aww, he looks so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sus

    Oh, Rob…”you must have been a beautiful baby, cuz baby, look at you now!” OMG, he is so cute in that pic!

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  • Alicia Bruning

    Does anyone know what Rob is doing next? I keep reading about this role in a western that may or may not happen between now and Breaking Dawn.

  • magicdancer

    I don’t think Unbound Captives will film before Breaking Down. Hugh Jackman is one of the main stars of the film and he is filming something else until September 2nd. I don’t see how there would be time to do UC before BD, but stranger things have happened.

  • Alexandria

    To be able to get to be 24 and BEing SOO BEAUTIFUL, he should have been a very, very pretty baby…and there he is…so handsome and cute from the crib to a hunk…awesome!!!

  • swperry

    does anyone know where in Chattanooga they will be filming-I live just east of there and would love to drive over

  • march301

    Chattanooga? Dude. I live in Chattanooga. How did I not know about any of this? 0-o

  • Jackalyn

    I live in Chattanooga, too! I want to be a set crasher, but we have so much country around here, it would be hard to know where to look for the set! If you hear any rumors, put it out here, I would be curious to know where it’s at.

  • Becca

    I, too, live near Chattanooga and am hoping to have the opportunity to find the set and just watch. It would be SUCH a thrill. Does anyone have any specific filming locations information? Plllleeeeease? 🙂

  • sunshine