Robert Pattinson, All Beaten Up on WfE Set ~Pics~ Possible Spoiler

New pictures of Robowski beaten and bloodied. OUCH!

HUGE Thanks to Angie/theCelebrityJuicer SplashNews @angiesplace007 the photographer

And now I'm humming "Whistle While You Work"...

I know it’s make-up and movie magic… but I still want to kiss it better. 😉

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  • Sue

    Even bloodied & sweaty Rob/Jacob- he’s still lookin’ might hot. Thanks for the pixs…spoilers??? HELL this just made my day!!! 😉

  • amoca

    Why do they always beat on his poor face? I want to kiss him better too; it should take about a million kisses I think.

  • jan

    Awww! Poor baby!!

    We all know which part of the book THIS is from, tho’….was wondering when we’d have some pics of it.

    He got pretty beat-up in Remember Me, too…very realistic-looking.
    But still beautiful, wounds notwithstanding. 😉

    • And he was all scratched up (and dead) in Harry Potter, Goblet of Fire!

      • he was “scratched up” in New Moon too

  • emily

    spoiler?! if you’ve read the book ((AND EVERYONE SHOULD! IT’S A GREAT ONE!)) you know what happens!! I just can’t wait to see all of this pix on the big screen and the whole movie put together!! AAHHHHH!! Love him & reese!!

    • It is a great book! We’re hearing from lots of people who like to read the book after seeing the movie, that’s why we label spoilers. Not me though… I like to be spoiled with ROB! 😉

  • A

    i’ll kiss the boo boos away


    When i saw tyler got beat up in remember me, i swear it hurted on me oO

    And he is always with a song in his mind, always whistling , this is a good sign !

  • Jessica Brooks

    I was thinking the same thing about kissin it better 😛

  • Miranda

    Idk if its because his head is down so we can’t see much of his face but I find that the “beat up face” doesn’t look that bad. I pictured it more beaten in and more gory in the book. This looks like nothing. However it does look real so good job to make-up!

    • Lisa

      Miranda, I was thinking the same thing. What I read in the book definitely sounded more gory and beaten. I can get past that, I CANNOT wait for this movie to come out. So excited.

  • SnowyHedwig

    *sigh* I just wanna play nurse now… Reminds me of when the Remember Me shots from the fight came out… 😉

  • Lisa

    And August, how does he look?

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  • gyla

    These pix are so HOT. They do have the (let me kiss it and make it all better affect though) not that it’s a bad thing.I would play nurse for him anytime.

  • Deb4Rob

    Awww, baby, come here I’ll kiss it better!!!!
    Fab pics, cannot wait to see the movie. Rob in those boots and that vest all kind of lovely!!
    Loved the book, my husband has read it and now I’ve passed it on to a work colleague – spread the word of the Rob!

  • Sandy

    Read the book when they first began filming the movie and LOVED it!! I have recommended it to all of my teacher friends since we have summers off and all like to read a good book! I am going to have to read it again before school starts just to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything! I can not WAIT until the movie comes out!!

    • lpnkath

      Does anyone know when in 2011 WFE is being released?

      • the current speculation is Spring 2011. no official word yet.

  • Leanne Mckay Pattinson

    Cant wait have read the book it brillant this part was rob all over 🙂

  • Hey thanks for running my pictures of Rob all Beaten and Bloodied
    Here is the Correct Credit


    twitter me angiesplace007

  • aimz

    reading the book at the moment havent got to this part yet, but dont think ive been spoiled…at least not where the books concernd 😉 beat up Rob is hot, its like RM all over again lol

  • aimz

    reading the book at the moment (and LOVE it) havent got to this part yet, but dont think ive been spoiled…at least not where the books concernd 😉 beat up Rob is hot, its like RM all over again lol

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  • Robsessed Raka

    Oh No..
    My tounge…. It wanna make a lick.. Oh my lips… They wanna make a brush upon his skin…
    Oh.. Wht a torture….

  • Caty

    pg. 242 – 248. i always read it over and over because its so epic and amazing. i hope its like that onscreen becasue the feeling i got while reading that was intense. thisll be the scene thatll win christoph an oscar (again) .

  • Paige

    Omg !!!! Bless him 🙁

    Aww I love you Rob !!

    U still look fit though and I’m here for you xxxx <3

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  • hi

    IS THAT UNCLE AL ON THE BACK??????!!!!!!

    • no. Uncle Al is not in the film. His character was combined with August. Christoph Waltz will essentially play both roles.

  • Sue

    Wow!! These pixs are awesome even beaten down Rob looks HOT!…and this scene is going to be intense. Can’t wait for this movie to come out because the book is wonderful

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  • texasgirl

    He has a GREAT pouty face!!!! I’m a nurse, I can heal those wounds!!!!

  • krissie rn

    Even with cuts and bruises from both films, he wears the fake battle scars well. I swear to God my heart both swoons and falls at viewing the photos. Disterbing but accurate feelings, I guess. That’s what goes with being a caregiver.