Photos: A Look at the Morgue for ‘Water for Elephants’


Yesterday, the Water for Elephants set moved from UCLA over to the abandoned (and haunted) Linda Vista Community Hospital in East LA for filming of the morgue scene.

Readers of the book will recall that Jacob Jankowski’s parents both die in a tragic car accident, Jacob finds out in the middle of class. He’s taken by the police chief, a chaplain, and a nurse down to the morgue.

The room is windowless and bare except for TWO GURNEYS, each with a sheet-covered body. A CORONER stands between them. Jacob sees a steel table upon which lay his parents belongings; wedding rings, pearl necklace, his father’s pipe.

Are you ready?

The Chaplain places a comforting hand on Jacob’s shoulder. Jacob nods. The Coroner exposes first Jacob’s father, then Jacob’s mother. We see only Jacob’s expression:

Is there any other family to call?

No. Just me.

Once we found out that Linda Vista would “stand in” for the Ithaca, New York hospital, we did a little digging so we could show you the creepy place where filming took place last night. Not gonna lie, I got super creeped out just gathering these pics!

Now, Linda Vista has two morgues. There’s the original morgue, that looks more like a 1930’s era morgue.

The Morgue

The gurney blocking the morgue.

So inviting!

And then there’s the modern day morgue.

Modern Day Morgue

I don’t know for certain which was used, but my money is on the O.G. morgue.

Let’s take a look at the autopsy room! Gah!

THE AUTOPSY ROOM - Spend your final moments on Earth on this table - lovely!

Linda Vista Community Hospital, originally called the Santa Fe Railroad Hospital and Santa Fe Coast Lines Hospital, is a former hospital that is located at 610-30 St. Louis Street in Los Angeles, California, United States, in the Boyle Heights neighborhood. The hospital was constructed for railroad employees in 1904 and reconstructed in 1924. It has lately become the center of several paranormal investigations.

In 1991, the hospital ceased operation as a hospital. Since that time, it has been used primarily as a filming location. In January 2006, the hospital was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Notable works shot at Linda Vista include the following:

Pancho’s Estate 111 (1992)
Outbreak (1995)
End of Days (1999)
Pearl Harbor (2001)
BOO (2004),[2] which was filmed entirely there

Television programs
The pilot episode of ER
An episode of Dexter
An episode of short-lived vampire series Moonlight (haha!)

Baby Chucky was Born Here

Here’s a bunch more pics of Linda Vista!

Pic source

  • naturaladdict

    awesome post! super creepy too! I am sure if any place is haunted, that one certainly is.

  • Sue

    WOW definitely creepy!!…that scene is going to be really sad…so NOT looking forward to that. In the book it made me really emotional so I can only imagine how Rob will portray it.

  • twilightus

    I think we should call in @jchawes & @grantswilson from SyFy’s Ghost Hunters! They’d love to check that place out!!!!

    • gemmajean


    • Holly

      They already did! Creeeeeepppyyyy stuff

  • suzyquzy

    Thanks for all your hard work er I mean all your need to know who, when, where,
    and of course why of this movie…appreciate you so much.

  • im not going here for pictures. this is a classic building i will skip, kinker jen 😉

  • Thesabstar1

    Wow – so impressed at your blog dedication – creepy old morgue visits and all!

  • Creepy… I love it! LOL

  • These pictures are so awesome…happy to see an actual “set” from WFE!

  • Ali

    very creepy, & yes, reminiscent of The Haunted Airman

    • magicdancer

      That was my first thought, too. :>)

  • valerie

    I am pretty sure that Ghost Adventures T.V. show did a lock down there!

  • wow, creepiest pictures so far… loved it! thanks

  • BIG thanks for sharing this, very interesting. I´m so glad I found u guys and WFE site! So much better than just a fansite, this gives me more than juicy pics.
    But hey, don´t stop sending the juicy ones cos´ I love them too 😉
    All the best, keep up the good work

  • Elizabeth

    Creepy! They could not pay me enough to go in there.
    Your coverage of the making on this movie continues to be first rate!

  • I think your tag for the post sums it up quite nicely, “i’m skurred.” LOL!

    This just one example of why I love your posts for here and the Bel Ami site. This will make our movie viewing experience that much richer.


    • magicdancer

      Would you be willing to give me the link to the “Bel Ami”site? I didn’t know about it, but if it’s even half as fascinating as this blog, I really need to check it out.

      Many thanks.

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  • Caitlin

    Ghost Adventures did do a show there! They got locked in all night. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this one but I’m pretty sure it was one of the scariest ones. They heard a little girl laughing and I think one of the guys was locked in the old morgue too. Sorry if I’ve scared anyone. It’s one of my favorite shows : )

  • Michele

    Ghost Adventurers DID do an episode there. It was creepy!

  • Lydia

    It’s looks so creepy. You are so brave. I cannot imagine what it was like for the cast and crew to actually film there. It had to have heightened the emotional tension of the scenes. It’s really cool to get a glipse into what’s been invovled in filming WFE. Thanks for all of your hardwork.

  • olivia

    Another above and beyond report. Wow Jen aka MRP, this is a super creepy location. Thank you for being such a brave kinker and investigating in such detail the scary rooms, some even in the dark! With each history filled report, the anticipation mounts for this beautiful film. Bravo!

    • girl, kinker jen didnt go up in there…NONE of us will 😉 that was another brave sole who posted their images on the internet.

      • olivia

        Thanks tink, I misunderstood.
        I am still impressed.

  • texasgirl

    That is a perfect location for the “morgue” scene…pat on the back to the one that found it!!!! This will be so sad, if there is a tear…I am toast!

  • Gabby

    That place looks haunted!! I wonder how rob feels being in that building?

  • yaelfica

    linda vista (nice view) my a**! lol

  • ndnwmn

    If you want to see “creepy” go to the Camarillo State Mental Hospital. It closed down many years ago, but the last time I was in Oxnard/Ventura area the buildings were still there…I got a lot of black/white photos, but they burned up in a fire a few years ago.
    I used to work in a hospital, very new and modern. Whenever you had to go to the morgue (which I did not have to do often, thank goodness). It is just creepy…I guess we all end up in one at sometime, but I just don’t want to be there when it happens… 🙁

  • määdie

    great ! now i’m not gonna be able to sleep tonight..