*Exclusive Sneak Peek* Robert Pattinson on set today 7.28

Angie sent us a tease of Robert Pattinson on the WFE set today, July 28th. She says things are wrapping up and it’s getting emotional. We can only imagine…

UPDATE!! The director, Francis Lawrence, confirmed through Twitter that this is indeed the last day of shooting in L.A.


Last day in Los Angeles… Nearing the end.

More to come later tonight…

Source: Angiesplace007 /theCelebrityJuicer


    love some chest hair <3

    • Red_Headed_Lust

      Hella yes!

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  • Carla

    HoT!!!!!!! Sweet Lord!

  • magicdancer

    Wow! What a gorgeous pic of Rob. I think he’s really enjoyed filming this movie. I’m sure he’s sad to leave so many of the cast and crew. :'(

  • Esthela Gómez


  • Rob, eu te amo!!! <3

  • Elaine

    Perfection! Chest hair is so yummy… nuzzle nuzzle… *sigh*

  • Even though I read the book long before the movie was planned, every time I think of it now, I can only picture Rob as young Jacob and Hal as older Jacob.
    They will both be great!
    It’s been a pleasure to watch Rob “grow” these past years…too bad he hasn’t caught up to my age yet! Well, hells bells…at least Edward IS older than me!

  • Sus

    OMG…what a wonderful pic of HHH! Please send them untagged, if possible!

    BTW…I just want to thank all of you wonderful Kinkers for such a fantastic job on this WFE site. I love this book so much, and am over-anxious to see the finished film, especially with our Rob in the main role! I think this is going to be huge for him, and I hope the beginning of many non-Twilight roles (although I am Team Edward!)…

    Thanks, ladies…you all ROCK!

  • ElephantsFaithful100%

    Ahh I’m going to miss following the filming of this movie. Although I live in the midwest I was able to visit the set from a distance while vacationing in CA. One of the coolest days ever! That and seeing Rob at the Eclipse premiere…I can’t wait to see this movieeeee

  • wow, incredible pic ladies!!! thanks, can´t wair for WFE!!

  • Sylvia

    realy a perfect man

  • Amanda

    awesome pics..thank you very much:)

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