*PICS* Robert Pattinson takes a break on WFE set 7.26! NOW Large & Untagged

We gave you an exclusive sneak yesterday…now here they are HQ and untagged 🙂

Lovely :)
Silly :)

Sexy ;)
Coke Zero's new spokesperson

Robert Pattinson joined co-star, Ken Foree (Earl) for a break on the set of ‘Water for Elephants’, July 27th. A pack of smokes, a Coke Zero, and ‘My Friend the Mercenary’ also kept Rob company. Aw….to be able to keep his company. Lucky soda 😉

Character refresher: 1st scenes that Earl appears revolve around August’s private train car and a manhandling of Robowski. He is August’s personal army.


Check out Diamond Joe on the far left and Cecil in the black and white spectators!

From the images, we can also see that actors E.E. Bell (Cecil) and Tim Guinee (Diamond Joe) were on set. It’s always fun to spot the other characters.

Character refresher: We first meet Diamond Joe in the prologue 😉 and while trying to get him some work, Camel introduces Jacob to Cecil, the sideshow talker.

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  • What a heartthrob! He is just gorgeous!

  • jan

    After a hard day’s work to come back and see these BEAUTIFUL pics equals BLISS, pure and simple!!!

    Thank you for posting!!! 😀

  • che

    it’s nice to see him with a ‘happy face’ agian.
    p.s. it seams he reads ‘My Frien The Mercenary’ by james Brabazon
    interesting choice


    i love his many faces, he doesnt have only one facil expression like others.
    And i think he receive Coke for free, because he always with one, just like the raybans, that he awned a box of it.

    OMG he’s so cute ._.

    • MAIARA


  • andrea

    it`s beautiful to see him with a smile on his lips after the f…. saturday with the paps

    • Linda

      I agree – these pictures make me feel better. He makes me smile so I want to see him smiling and happy and enjoying his work!! I do love this man!

  • Donna

    Awww these are so nice to see….I love a happy Rob….a silly Rob….a relaxed Rob….a sexy Rob. I just love Rob.
    I was so happy to see these yesterday and even happier that they are now untagged and larger….also happy to see him drinking a Coke Zero….sort of…too much sugar in a regular Coke and too much aspartame in Zero…I drink Coke Zero though…LOL…it confuses me…if there is Zero in it what exactly am I drinking then???
    Tink I have to say I think you are truly awesome! This is my first post but I read your blog all of the time.

    • there are 4 of us that write on the blog…so we are all equally awesome 😉 thanks for reading!

  • penny lane

    Yes, he is absolutley gorgeous! That sweet smile is irresistable.

  • Roblover

    Great pictures of Rob. I, too, am happy to see him smiling. I felt so sad for him having to deal with those horrible paps.

  • Tiffany

    Wow! What a wonderful birthday present! He looks relaxed and happy, which makes my day. I absolutley can not wait for this movie to come out! I was finally able to buy the book yesterday, and have only put it down long enoug to come splash around in the shallow pool here for a moment. I knew I would love the book, knowing a little of the backstory, but it has completely captivated me and I have a feeling my computer will be neglected until I can finish the book later today. Thanks again for these, Tink! You have made me a very happy woman! 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    How can a man be so beautiful just doing ordinary things? Even while smoking, which I loathe. We do share a common love of Coke Zero.
    Thank you Tink for making my morning. Sigh…

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  • Cveti

    What is he reading? I mean…which book is this?

    • i know the pictures are VERY distracting….but we wrote the title of the book in the post 😉 ‘My Friend the Mercenary’

      • Cveti

        Awww Thank you so much!

      • magicdancer

        I just bought it from amazon.com. Sounds fascinating judging by all the reviews both there and at amazon.co.uk. I’ve read most of the books I’m aware of that Rob has read. He has excellent taste in books. LOL I think my favorite so far is “Kill Your Friends” by John Niven. It’s about the music/record business in the UK and that’s what I do in the US. A while back, someone at the pattinsonlife LJ community put together a list of Rob’s books. It’s been most enjoyable reading my way through the list.

  • naturaladdict

    I also concur, I always love to see Rob smiling, makes my day.

    I believe the co-star is Ken Foree, he plays Earl

  • Melissa

    Okay, another book I need to look into. I read “The Ballad of The Sad Cafe” that he mentioned while on Oprah. And of course, I read WFE, which was completely amazing (and not just because Rob’s in the movie version).

    Y’all are the best! Thanks for heating up my day!

    • Shawna

      Hi …..just woundering was“The Ballad of The Sad Cafe” any good ?

      • Melissa

        Shawna, it was okay. The characters were interesting. Also, the book was only $6 at Borders.com.

      • janabanana17

        Was a great book I have read it several times

      • Shawna

        thanks for letting me know…i will have to look for it and maybe read it. 🙂

  • Twifan2

    Omg he is just so cute I want to take him home.:D

    Glad to see him smiling again. Must be happy scenes today. I probably wouldn’t have been smiling if I had to do morgue scenes in that creepy hospital lol.

    Thanks Tink!

  • swperry

    thanks, for sharing these wonderful pitures. love his beautiful smile. love how he encourages reading.


    about the new pics… if a stare could kill the paparazzi would be dead LOL

    • Linda

      If Rob’s fans from this site could get to those paps, the stalking would stop! I bet we’d make excellent body guards!!

  • Sue

    WOW!! THE GUY DOES JUST ORDINARY THINGS AND I’M ABOUT TO COME UNGLUED!!!! LOVE HIS “SMIRK”….THANKS FOR SHARING. (sorry didn’t mean to “shout”….he just does that to me.) Will miss seeing all these wonderful updates/pictures for WFE this blog is wonderful!! This movie is going to be ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!…(yeah, I meant to “shout” that)

  • Patricia

    Oh I really love these. He seems to be in a good mood….

  • chico’s mama

    looks better than the weekend pic’s, thank goodness. but really, he can’t make a bad picture. gotta love that face

  • loosingmymind2

    I just keep coming back to look at The Pretty! I can’t get enough of him today. Well…that might be everyday. These pictures are awesome!!

  • Lydia

    There’s never a bad picture of him. It’s strange that it’s so easy to read his mood in pictures. It’s also weird that when he’s sad it makes me sad, and of course when he’s smiley it makes it all better.

    I had 2 questions: What’s the gentleman doing to his shirt? (Would that I could be so lucky to be that close. . .)

    What’s Rob got wrapped around his right hand?

    • magicdancer

      If you remember the pics of him climbing up a ladder on the side of the train at night, he had it on there, too. It’s part of the scene, I’m sure, and probably had something to do an injury to Jacob’s hand or to protect it from an injury. I don’t recall anything like that in the book or script though. I have wrapped something around my hand like that when I have to carry heavy buckets.

  • Rob is so gorgeous! Love how he makes drinking Coke look so sexy!

    btw, Ken Foree starred in Dawn of the Dead!!! and in the hilarious zombie spoof, “Shawn of the Dead”, Simon Pegg’s character wears a nametag that says Foree Electronics (a nod to Ken Foree).

    Also, James Frain is playing Rosie’s caretaker in WFE. He recently played Thomas Cromwell in the Tudors and is now in True Blood as the twisted vamp, Franklin.

    Sorry! trivia!!!

    • Lydia

      Cool trivia! Thanks!

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  • Carol

    I have no words. He is just so handsome. ***sigh***

  • karen

    I want to take him home………. sigh! Thanks Tink for the marveously beautiful pictures of Robert. Will truly miss all this when the filming wraps. 🙁 and you have been so totally awesome to keep us up to date with everything since May; you have truly blessed us all with gorgeousness. Thanks again and keep posting…..
    p.s. And yes I truly believe that if all his WORLDLY fans got together there would NEVER be any bad paps around!!

  • epiluitz

    If anyone has a negative opinion about paparazzi hounding Rob or any other celebrity heres a petition telling well asking the paparazzi to stop:


    I feel we need to show that we care and aren’t mindless fans!

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  • Kenzie childress

    He looks really good in these pictures. He always does 🙂

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  • Sylvia

    I never get tired of pictures of Robert Pattinson. The more pictures, the better.

  • Jen

    Hmmmm………he just keeps getting better and better…..!!



  • Martina Černá

    Je málo herců,kterým se podaří hrát pouze očima,Rob ten dar má a umí to výtečně.Byl dřív pro mne neznámým,nyní ve svých 40.letech jsem se stala jeho faninkou a držím mu palce,aby měl v životě a v herectví štěstí a úspěch,má na to.