*NEW PICS* #WFE Peep Show – Rob Switches from Coke Zero to Classic Coke!

Check out our circus side show! A world exclusive PEEP at Water for Elephants final day of filming in Los Angeles on July 28 compliments of honorary Kinker Angie!

CLICK TO ENLARGE...if you think you can handle it!

Photos by AngiesPlace007 / theCelebrityJuicer

Gasp and swoon and clutch the coke! Rob is hot to trot in this peep show! And Christoph is popping in there too! The HQs are gonna need a siren attached!

In addition to these pictures of Coca Cola’s new spokesperson, Kinker Angie captured quite alot: WET Robowski, Too cool for school Robowski, Owwie boo boo Robowski, and quite the gem in one photo: Christoph Waltz, Robert Pattinson, Producers Gil Netter and Andrew Tennenbaum, and Director Francis Lawrence! Whoa! Will you be able to handle it? Guess we’ll find out later when all the pics are released. Thanks Angie!