Over 60 NEW PICS from WFE final day in Los Angeles 7.28: Rob, Christoph, @Hibbits, and more

too cool for school in his 1930s sunglasses
whoa! Christoph, Rob, producers and check out @Hibbits in the white hoodie shirt :)
better @hibbits shot...we're fans of profile shots around here
Christoph with producer, Gil Netter. check out the August directors chair!
we are no strangers to the many faces of Rob
Robowski on the train car roof with the knife! #Clue
sigh....killer smile + wet hair = dead kinker
always the trendsetter...

Check out previous pics of Robowski, the new Coca Cola spokesperson, on set HERE!

More goodies in the gallery from WFE’s last day in Los Angeles on July 28th.

Thanks again, Angie! You’re WFE pictures have been beautiful. While the show is over in LA, we will continue to thank you during our trips down memory lane as we await the film release.

Photos byย AngiesPlace007 / theCelebrityJuicer
  • Alice87

    OMFG!!! what are you guys doing to me??? I mean, these Pics are just…. *sigh*

    Thanx so much for this awesome Blog!

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  • jan

    OMG! He looks so utterly delicious wet, dry, scruffy, neat and from whatever angle!
    And I wonder who he’s talking to on the phone?? Kristen…hmm??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    So grateful to all the contributors to this AMAZING blog!
    It’s been such a blast following something like this for a movie and I’m not ashamed to say that initially, it was ‘cos that insanely beautiful man is involved.
    However, the casting of Christoph and Reese definitely helped to fuel my interest and of course, the wonderful cast of the menagarie and Tai!
    Really am on tenterhooks waiting for the finished product…Spring 2011 can’t come soon enough!

    I’m sure you gals will have loads more stuff for us…there’ll be news about post-production, music score (by the always reliable James Newton Howard) and very hopefully, a MOVIE COMPANION BOOK….PLEASE forward this to the powers-that-be!!


    • Maggie

      I say “Ditto” to your comment above. I’ve enjoyed this blog and the photos every day and will truly miss it. Thanks to all the kinkers. Can’t wait for the film.

  • gkngc04

    I love the one with his pants pulled up to his knees….cute skinny white boy legs! Thanks for these awesome pic! I also like the one where he looks like he is dancing the jig….:)
    Kinker Tink you are one lucky girl!!!!!

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  • LauraBee

    I dying laughing over here over the socks and sandals.. “Always a trend setter..” bahah
    thank you!

    • I had a good laugh at that too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Red_Headed_Lust

      Me too. That’s our “Best Dressed Man”. Hee Hee

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  • Lynda Motl

    Love the pics….I’m so glad he is smiling again!!

    I am so wanting to know the title of that red book he is so fond of!!!!

    • MAIARA

      the book is ‘My Friend the Mercenary’

  • Rob4Deb

    OH EM GEE!! LOVE him in the cream top, jeans and those boots! thats me died!!! Right there!

    Have to say I actually laughed outloud at the socks sandals, bathrobe ensemble!

    Fantastic pictures, thank you sooo much – I’ve not commented before but have followed your blog from almost day one. Its been a wonderful journey – can’t wait for the Spring!


    Rob has VERY white legs lol and the socks sandals remaind me of my grandpa haha
    love him with the wet hair, just love him.
    I think Waltz is a really handsome man, and i thought Hibbits was older but he is still young, nice.

  • mariarp

    I will always be thankful for all the people who love Rob and his works. The internet is just my only way to witness the WFE filming process and Rob goodness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • shafirshades

    60 pics of Robowski = Me DEAD.
    He’s killing me, really.
    Thank you to all the kinkers for making this site for us! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Carol

    You have all done a stellar job keeping us informed and updated. These pictures are great. I’m glad to see that the powers that be
    appreciate your dedication to this movie. Thanks again…..Looking forward to more great coverage.

  • OMGosh…. These pics are killing me…. in the best way possible…. slowly, but surely…. Are those angels I hear singing? Must be Heaven…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Melissa

    I’m totally digging the sunglasses. What kind are they?

    • all i was told was that they were his set glasses…vintage 1930s

  • Alexandria

    This pics are awesome!!! Sweaty, dirty, amazingly hot and handsome Rob!!! Those sunglasses are a hit, soo vintage and he looking sooo cool. The wet photos are a killer, he looks so homy and cute, and the other, OMG, hope the day has more hours to enjoy all of them. I am so greatfull to all of you, amazing kinkers for keeping us, day to day mortals, in touch with this super production, but most importantly, for giving us those wonderful photos of our beloved Rob. We will love you girls FOREVER!!!

  • melissa

    yay hes smiling again since that thing with the papz the other day i love him

  • gkngc04

    I didn’t notice the black socks & flip flops before, it was 4:30 am but wow! I wonder if he bought those birks when he was over by in-n-out with Tom a couple of weeks ago? thats how we wore em back in the ’90’s

  • Sue

    Great pixs….swoon…Rob all wet ๐Ÿ™‚ Does anyone know what this film will be rated???

  • amazing photos. i cant believe fimling is finally over. it seems they just started. time goes by so fast ya know. so i guess breaking dawn is next for photos. i wonder what we all are going to be viewing doing that filming! lol