VIDEO: Fans Waiting to Catch Glimpse of Robert Pattinson

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Check out OUR Water for Elephants blog banner at the :20 sec mark!! 😉

Two of Hollywood’s biggest stars are filming a movie in Chattanooga and north Georgia. The movie is called “Water for Elephants,” and Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson are the stars.

There are a lot of rumors swirling around, but we’ve heard that Witherspoon and Pattinson will film at a home south of Chickamauga Friday morning. We went to that home where we found a security guard keeping fans off the property. Fans took pictures, and stood around to take in the soon to be set of a major Hollywood film.

Pam Wallace and her family drove from Rossville to catch a glimpse of Pattinson, who shot to fame as the vampire Edward Cullen in the “Twilight Saga”

“I love him. I love the Twilight movies!” said Wallace.

Family members of the homeowners tell us the house will be Robert Pattinson’s character’s childhood home. They’ve been working with the movie company for about a month renovating the house.


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  • doireann

    Reese is doing another movie right now didnt dorector say she’s done? confused!

  • Sandy

    This Robcat was planning on going to north GA. to get my Rob fix on since I have never seen him in person. Unfortunately, my BFF’s aunt passed away this morning after a terrible bout with cancer. All Twihards, Twi-Moms, and Robcats understand that when your friends need you, you have to put your Rob feelings(and lust)
    aside and be there for them. I look forward to seeing EVERYTHING WFE while they are filming in my home state of Georgia. Thanks Tink and everyone else for all you do and have done to bring a smile to this Robcat!!

    • gkngc04

      my condolences to your friend and yourself.

      • Sandy

        Thanks you so much.

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    he really doesnt have peace, anywhere, but that’s the life of a superstar, right

  • GlassGirl1972

    can’t get this video to play, then when it tries a small bit, there is no sound… anybody else?

    • swade78

      I couldn’t either. I had to go to the source to watch it. 😉

  • Memyself

    Does it say FUCK on that video screen behind the reporter?

  • jan

    This must be where Jacob returns to after his parents’ demise…and one of the most heartwrenching scenes which made me cry when I read the book.

    But why would Marlena be here?

  • suzybick

    ummmm, was it just me hallucinating, or did that little monitor behind the reporter say “Chick F**k”…roflmao

  • naturaladdict

    umm ok.. did you notice that the graphic they used for their intro is the banner from the blog????

  • gkngc04

    I don’t think Reese is going to be there….just Robert. and it said Chick Flick

  • gkngc04

    That is soooooo awesome that they used your banner….fun

  • mrsaubergine

    W00t the banner! Chick f**k FTMFW!

  • GlassGirl1972

    umm… yeah, that says “Chick F*CK” to me… if it is supposed to say Chick Flick, they need to change their font or use spell check!! But the title works for me as I see it, hahaha!!

  • Carroll

    You can go directly to the website and watch the video. There’s other info there, too.

  • Melissa’s Photographic Impressions

    Have tons of great pics from the site in Chickamauga! How exciting something so big is coming to our little’ town!

  • LMAO #ChickFuck is HILARIOUS

  • G

    Sorry to say, but Reese isn’t going to be filming in TN. She’s actually done on set and has no other scenes to shoot.

    • Francis Lawrence tweeted that Marlena, Camel and Rosie were picture wrapped back on July 22. We believe him. 😉