Robert Pattinson lands in Nashville for WfE shoot

Twitpic’d out by @RPattzbaby  Robowski has landed! Shooting is in progress right now!!

Wonder which of the southern treats y’all suggested Rob will try??? 🙂

pics by KikaPress&Media

  • Why does getting even this glimpse of him make me smile? And where is Dean?? Doesn’t he realize we look for pictures of him, too? LOL!

    • Sue

      i was wondering the same thing about Dean…maybe he’s taking a vacation.?? But we miss seeing him protecting our Rob.

      • Glad it’s not just me, Sue. The other day when the pics were posted of the bodyguard taking the book from underneat Rob’s arm to help him out while he was on the phone talking to Kristen (LOL!), I found myself thinking, “Hey! You’re not supposed to do that. That’s Dean’s job.”

        I hope and pray that Rob chooses a project that films in Chicago. It’s about a three-hour drive for me, but which is doable. Hell, I’m getting to the point now that I’m contemplating a trip to Louisiana when Breaking Dawn films there or to California when Breaking Dawn or More Breaking Dawn *snickers* premieres. I’m getting old. I want to see him in person before I die…or die happy when I do come face to face with him. Hope he has his beer goggles on, though. Just sayin’.


    • Dean was there that night. He was in Rob’s car that took him home and he was standing with him while he took pics with fans and signed autographs.

    • Sus

      @Lisa…I was just thinking the same thing! Haven’t seen Dean for awhile…maybe he’s “moved on.” Tired of all the screaming tweenies…LOL!

      Rob is as darling as ever! I can’t wait for WFE!

  • Sue

    Exciting news!!! I live in Ohio…I feel that much closer to him:) Looking forward to seeing this scene…what an awesome house for filming Rob/Marlena’s family . Wonder how they even came across this house????

  • gkngc04

    I am sooooo glad that he arrived safely! I hope he tries the smothered & covered, he will LOVE it! we all know that he has become partial to Chicken & Biscuits….:) have fun WFE fans in TN & GA…enjoy ’em while he’s there cause he’s coming home to Sunny So. Cal soon!!

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  • Linda

    He looks tired – hope he gets some rest soon! Did not realize he was flying into Nashville. That’s even closer to me than Chattanooga! And here I am at work… Thanks for the pictures!

  • passionsonsflower

    Robhotski is looking really hawt as per usual. His hair looks a lot shorter since yesterday. I love his luscious locks!!! I’m going to Nashville next week to bad I can’t be in the same zip code as him but, I’m definitely gonna check out the shooting locations and Cracker Barrel as well. Congrats on the #5 spot that is really a testament to all your hard work and the amazing love the fans have for Rob and this project. It makes me soo curious to know just how many subscribers you have??

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  • April

    I live in Nashville and my stalker mode is on!!! Hey Ya’ll!!

  • Kim

    Can anyone confirm he really flew into Nashville? That’s over a 2 hour drive to Chattanooga. I’m going to guess either there is no airport in Chatt or the city is listed wrong where he flew into?

    • Linda

      I think the airport in Chattanooga is small. Maybe it could not accommodate the plane. They will get to see some of the Tennessee scenery on that 2-hour drive in the Tennessee HEAT. It’s scorching down here today!

      • georgiap30741

        Chattanooga would have been fine to fly into…lol… its not a hickville town promise!!!

  • suzyquzy

    Montreal is not that far from GA/Tn…via air..just saying.

    • You are my new best friend. I like the way you think!