~New Pictures~ Robert Pattinson films WFE in Georgia 7.30

I love waking up to new Water for Elephants pictures! We have Robowski, on set in rural Georgia yesterday, in two different period costumes.

ย Love the bowtie!

Loads more in the gallery after the jump!

Click away to make them bigger! Lots of details to see including a vintage car andย some perfectly costumed extras.



    Love the bowtie so much!! i am a fan of vintage clothes, hair, pin ups… i adore all this things.
    And seeing Rob using it, fill my
    heart with gladness.

  • Tillawanda

    Now that Tucker Carlson has fallen off of the face of the Earth, we are all free to bask in the glory of the boy’s bow tie!!!!! Got to love the ivy league male.

  • march301

    I can’t imagine wearing that suit. I went to Atlanta yesterday and I’m fairly certain it was 110,000 degrees in Georgia yesterday.

  • Binkey Wilcox

    I feel bad for Robert if he is having to wear that suit in this Ga heat! Poor guy, and the bless the crews heart as well.

  • Mel

    Gah, these snaps are so beautiful! This is one gorgeous movie. I hope they don’t mess with the story too much. April is too far away..

  • jan

    Gorgeouser and gorgeouser….this is insane!!!

    Loving all the updates!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • LOL my new favourite word (other than Robowski) “gorgeouser”!!!

      • jan

        Hi deb!

        I’m running out of words to describe HHH…thanks for liking it!

        And thanks again for this wonderful blog!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • chico’s mama

    is it me or has he not even waved at our rob lovers? i guess he wants to get out of this heat asap. seems like he or his people could say a little something. he has in every place he has went,right?

    • Rob sometimes greets fans but I bet his security decides when and where. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • shafirshades

    Poor Rob has to wear a suit in such a heat. His face looks red, because he feels hot, maybe?
    But I do love the bowtie! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Melissa

    Rob was made to be in this movie. He looks so dapper and authentic, and he really fits the part. Who took the pictures? They’re fantastic!

  • Ali

    Wow! Just how I pictured Jacob to be. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • dafney

    Which scene did they film?

    • Agnes

      Yeah.I’m wondering which scene they are shooting? I’m asking coz I don’t remember it from the book

      • Cecilia

        i dont remember it from the book either but it could be part of a flashback of before… he could be thinking back to a moment. Anyway i cant wait for this movie!! omg he fits the part sooo much its crazy <3 rob <3 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Linda

    Thank you! Beautiful pictures but he has to be melting! It’s not just the heat down here – the humidity is unbearable in shorts and a t-shirt. I can’t imagine a three-piece suit. And it looks like wool, doesn’t it??

  • I went to the set yesterday, i was able to see a few beautiful glimpses of him, but i waited in that 100 degree weather for almost 18 hours and didn’t even get a wave from him ๐Ÿ™ he has such a great reputation with fans and being so friendly, wonder what happened? A little disappointed, but I still LOVE HIM! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • KittyC

    I just can’t wait for this movie to come out!! It is going to be sensational. Imagine Rob in a movie with real professionals, from the screenplay, to the other actors, the story, the director, the cinematographer. He is going to blow everyone away.

  • you

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love him so much and he looks just A-MA-ZING I started hiperventilating…GOSH!! he looks so good in retro clothes

  • Sandy

    I am LOVIN all the updates and pictures!! As a Georgian myself, I know Rob has to be melting in this heat and don’t forget about the humidity. Today hasn’t been as bad as yesterday but someone needs to give that boy some sweet iced tea, it’s the house wine of the SOUTH!!

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  • GAgirl122

    Thanks to those who came to Chickamauga and left their trash ALL up and down the street. The people that live there were nice enough to allow people to park all over their streets, in their driveways, and in their yards and disrupt their lives for the last week with no complaint and the least people could do is pick up their trash. This is a very special place to so many people who live there. I mean, I have been just as excited as the next person about a movie being filmed here and about Rob being in town, but have some RESPECT!

    • georgiap30741

      Sorry for anyone who left trash there. I dont understand how people on your Road can complain so much about the traffic and people parking on a Public Road. If someone didn’t want people parking in their yard/driveway someone should have voiced that. But whoever rented that property out should have expected this kind of popularity to bring people down there. The public was ofcourse going to be attracted. The house was a distance from a lot of homes in the Cove so I’m not sure how it disturbed so many peoples lives. Like you even stated everyone was excited.

    • Debbie

      I was there yesterday for a little while and I saw all the bottles and paper. It was awful.

    • texasgirl

      come on people…be respectful! pick up your trash…that makes me mad!

    • Linda

      Oh, that’s just sad! I wish I were closer – I would help clean up.

      • aut

        Im def with you on that i live like 10 min from there and as much as i would have wanted to get a glimpse of him i knew it would be rediculous. I would like to know what he though of the area myself because having traveled some and always coming back here it is even a culture shock for me even if i go away for a week and return.

  • texasgirl

    it was 105 degrees here in TX, what were the temps in GA yesterday??? He looks really HOT in that suit…and I bet he felt it too!

    • aut

      Its been no less then like 95 for weeks it seems but has stayed around 100 with like a heat index of 105. Yesterday we had a few small showers and storms in parts around the area so it just seemed to make it more humid but did take away a few degrees here and there. I def stayed in i dont know how hes handling it.

  • louise

    god he so gorgeous in a waistcoat!! shows off his awesome frame!!! i was watching forever young with mel gibson the other day (weird i know!!!) but anyhoo just wanted to say Rob is the spitting image of a young mel gibson from that movie and also gallipoli too which is an awesome movie, hopeflly rob will age as nicely as mel!!!! but not go off the rails!

  • Alexandria

    Gosh!!, this pics are awesome!!! He looks stunning in both those outfits…that black with the vest…breathtaking!!! He looks handsomer and hotter and sexier every time I look at a new photo. I hope I will sirvive from here to the opening of the movie!!!…next year??? no way!!!.