PHOTOS & VIDEO: Robert Pattinson waves to fans while leaving set

Bye Robowski!

We’ve seen the pics…now a video of Robowski taken by a fan earlier in the day.

VID: Source : via / PHOTO: Source : via : via

  • Sylvia

    how nice 😀

  • I love hearing her say, “My heart stopped.” I can only imagine. Thanks for sharing!!

  • lynn

    Is it just me or does it look like someone is setting next to Rob in that suv?

  • Linda

    Does he even realize how much that little wave meant?! Ya’ll know it was meant for me, right? I’m so obsessed! THANK YOU to everyone who endured the unimaginable heat and humidity to capture Rob in these photos. I feel like I was there.

  • Roblover

    Thanks for the shared photo and video of Rob. Yes, his wave means so much to those there and we who watch from afar. I feel that he knows how important his waving is and that’s why he did it. I think he knows how wonderful it feels to be acknowledged. That’s why I’m a Rob lover.

  • alex

    Ofcourse Rob appreciates his fans. I have seen him getting so emotional when he thanks his FANs. He must be tired or he is not allowed to stop and talk to everyone because it will defenitely creat a drama. LOL

    We love you ROB.

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  • Matt Lyda

    Ok, i know everyone may not believe me but, that was my fiancees voice saying my heart stopped! we were there and i remember her saying that! that is so funny! love u babe!! lol!!