VIDEO: Rob’s last day on set, waves goodbye to fans

Waving goodbye to fans

Walking to trailer

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  • shafirshades

    The filming may have wrapped, but I still got the WFE spirit in me
    Bye, Robowski… :'( See you at April 15th! 🙂

  • Nancy99

    ahhhh…that was too sweet..he looked content and happy….I wonder where he is headed next? I hope that he gets lots of rest and love….go to Toronto Rob and get a lot of lovin’.

  • Sylvia

    thanks, was a verry nice picture, he looks so happy and it makes me happy to!

  • Sandy

    Has he left TN yet? So sad to see him wrap up the movie but am looking forward to WFE in April!!

  • jan

    *waves bye bye*

    Love you, Robowski!
    Have a good rest before shooting Breaking Dawn and more…the universe needs you in good shape for years to come!

  • Stephanie Gilliam

    Rob, hope you get lots of rest!!! Thanks for comming to our neck of the woods!!!! Come back soon!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    So sad it’s over. Rob looks tired, but happy. Now he can take his little dog home and relax!

  • ElephantsFaithful100%

    Jeez I feel like a friend is moving away, what is wrong with me?? Bubye Jacob J….

  • Rob_ina

    OHMMMMMMG. Robowski is SOFA KING HOTT in yellow!!@!#!@

  • Jackalyn

    Oh what a night, all the rain, the heat, and the standing, was so worth it! To see him drive by smiling, and waving, (sigh..)

    But i have to say it is so much easier to love him from afar, having him in the city really caused me anxiety! I was definitely walking the stalk/do not stalk line. Such a hard place to be in.

    It was a great few days though, and have to say, we would welcome him back to the “scenic city” anytime!!

  • CC

    Okay, so when was that video taken? i left around 9pm! ugh, i missed it 🙁