Bel Ami in Estimated Theatres in December – Year? Not sure!

Today some scans from Total Film came out and they read “ETA December 2011,” which at first glance looks like they mean we will have to wait 16 months for the Bel Ami‘s release. But my gut instinct tells me that they mean December 2010 and that Bel Ami will be a Winter 2011 film. I have emailed Protagonist Pictures seeking clarification and hopefully they will reply.

The Bodice-Busting Ticket
Bel Ami

Directors Nick Ormerod and Declan Donnellan’s decadent adaptation of Maupassant’s 19th-Century tale of a social-climbing journo seducing his way through Parisian society may be a provocative gamble. Firstly, it’s not in French – something Marion Cotillard was bemused by when Robert Pattinson, cast as the salacious scribe, asked her to read the script. “Why make Bel Ami in English?” she asked. Secondly, can the teen vamp do justice to one of literature’s greatest cads? But with a cast of classy bedfellows (Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci, Kristin Scott Thomas and Holliday Graninder), plenty of nudity and top-drawer production design, Bel Ami could be the steam to warm up the winter. Ooh la la!

You had me at nudity.

The Bodice-Busting Ticket - Bel Ami

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  • maaahtwi4ever

    i really hope they could see Rob more than a teen vampire,that’s annoying =s
    and after “plenty of nudity” i couldnt think straight

  • angeluxy

    I totally agree

  • Sus

    I hope they meant “2010”….it would be sad to have to wait so long! Also, do you know if they have someone to release it in the U.S.???

    I loved it when Rob said that we will get to see “a lot of my butt crack.”….LOL! Fine by me! *tee-hee*

  • femroc

    PLEASE say this release is 2010 not 2011 – WHY the hell would they need to wait an entire YEAR????? Jeez – really don’t see the reason for that.
    Would be better to release it this December – next year it will be right after Breaking Dawn I. We don’t have any Rob movie this fall : ( Please release it 2010.