Concerning a Release Date for ‘Bel Ami’ in the USA and UK #BelAmi

After reading article 1 and article 2 from Total Film magazine yesterday, I think we were all confused about the YEAR of the “in theatres” date for Bel Ami. I reached out to Protagonist Pictures again to try and clear up the static.

I wrote:

Hi So and So Man in Charge,

I wanted to check back in with you again on the USA release date. The attached article from Total Film today says December next to an “ETA 2011” tag line in blue. Curious if that means this December or 2011 December? Is there a US website we can look after for a release date? Thank you so much.

I received a reply this morning:

Hi Jen,

There’s no distributor attached to the film in the US as yet so therefore no release date. No confirmation on the UK yet either I’m afraid – we’ll post this info on our website as soon as there is a definite date. I think the ETA on Total Film is purely speculative at this stage.

Well folks, it wasn’t the answer I was hoping for, but at least we have an official response. Continuing with the “wait and see” mode. Enjoy this Bel Ami marquee I made up and smile! 🙂

A Girl Can Dream

We will keep you abreast of the situation! 😉

  • rpattzgirl

    Thank you for clearning this up Jen!! And I love the ratings attached to the post-perfection!

  • Annie

    3-D! 3-D!

  • Is anyone else shaking their head and wondering why this movie doesn’t have a U.S. distributor yet?

    Love the marquee, Jen, but you’re still killing me. I mentioned it over on the WFE site, too. What’s up with the new avi/name?

    • Outrageous means “highly unusual or unconventional; extravagant.” I run a different kind of show with my blogging style. I just wanted a name to reflect me. Also refers to an 80s cartoon, Jem, and she was truly outrageous. 😉

      • Thanks :)Just wanted you to know it didn’t go unnoticed, either. That’s how attached I’ve/we’ve become to you girls.


  • durtyrob4ever

    Thanks for keeping us updated!! The marquee looks great but I was wondering what does UN rated mean?

  • Sus

    Well….is anyone here in the “Biz?”…we need a U.S. distibutor, and now!!! If we don’t get to see it here, what will we do? Wait til video release??? GAH! I don’t want to wait….need to see undressed love-making Rob NOW!


    • femroc

      I hear that……..need to see The Pretty doing what he does best…… us crazy and be the sexy beast that he is. How are we supposed to WAIT for this??
      Do U.S. distributors think this movie won’t have an audience or something?????????? If so, they think WRONG!!!!!

  • becky

    merci for the update I live in UK they better get a distributer here, it took ages for the runaways to be released here

  • Lori

    Does anyone know is there speculation on ontroversy sounding this movie itself or concerns about its production/quality as to why its not getting picked up? It just seems bizzare that this hasn’t been snapped up yet all over the place?

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  • Apotampkin

    There is apparently an Australian distributor so wonder if there is an Aus release date???

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  • Thanks for keeping us updated… but gosh almighty!!! LOL I want to see this movie! *sigh* I wonder why it’s such an issue to find a distributor for the US? It’s not like there aren’t some really big names attached to the movie… Should be a no-brainer, even if it just gets an “art house” release. I’d be willing to travel to see Bel Ami! Rob’s worth it, IMO.

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  • Bel Ami has a Dutch release date: Feb 17th, 2011 —

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  • Amy

    Thanks for keeping us posted! You’d think with stars like Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman, Kristen Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci, US distributors would be falling all over themselves to get their hands on this film! I, for one, am already planning to purchase the DVD when it comes out, not to mention see the movie in theaters at least twice! I loved the book and the (draft) script, and this cast is amazing. Is there any way to start a grassroots effort to pursuade/encourage, say, Summit or whatever companies distributed Little Ashes or How To Be in the US to pick up Bel Ami for distribution?!?!?! I’m not in the industry and have no connections, but I’d be willing send a letter or sign a petition if only someone could tell me where to send it.

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  • Little Miss Popular

    Australia does have a distributor but no release date as yet 🙂

  • Wiltshire Glo

    Thanks Jen… At least we now know that no-one knows! I really want to see Rob in a ‘grown up’ movie…. Think the distributors need to realise that there’s so many adult fans out there just waiting…. desperately…. :))

  • Patti LaBella

    Independent Films say Dutch release will be February 17, 2011:

  • RoseT

    I’m so glad you posted this and went the extra step of e-mailing someone in the know. It really bothers me that this film doesn’t have a definite release date when WFE is already scheduled for April 15 and this was filmed months before WFE. I know they are completely different types of movies, but come on….give us a release date because there is definite interest in this film in the U.S. BTW, I’m reposting the petition found in the July post in hopes this will speed up the distribution of this movie.

    • enviro

      Agree with all you said! I doubt the petition will matter though. Which is sometimes OK since I read that there were anti-Rob petitions when he was cast as Edward. I hope this one works!!

  • I LOVE the new design! Wow … so pretty! 🙂
    Thanks for the info. Can’t wait to know when BA will be released in Canada. <3

  • Alicia Damron

    I’m agreeing with all of you that can’t believe this film isn’t scheduled for release in the US. I’ve been waiting very impatiently for a release date to be set! I really, really want to see this movie!

  • enviro

    UGH I find this so annoying! Thanks for the info but WTF??? Is there some kind of controversy around this movie or something? With the white-hot press intensity surrounding Rob I am surprised there isn’t more reporting on what’s going on. Maybe this is par for independent films and I am just clueless? That’s a definite possibility, but The Runaways was not exactly a blockbuster but we knew when it would come out! It is really disappointing when WFE already has a release date.

  • robsgal85

    Some of you may get mad at me for saying this but I kind of wish Rob hadn’t of done this movie. I wanted him to do a film where he appealed to men. If Bel Ami never gets a distributor it would make Rob look bad. Ashley’s movie Skateland never did find distribution so it can happen. bel ami book is controversial and Uma, Christina, and Kristen Thomas are not box office draws. I think if Nicole Kidman was still attached it would have a better chance.

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  • jessica

    wikipedia is showing bel ami to be released may 12. anyone figure out if it is limited?

  • Really want to see that movie. Or should I say REELLY.

  • nina

    This website needs to be updated, its september of 2011 so the release date suggested here is way to old. …