Kristin Scott Thomas stays busy during ‘Bel Ami’ Post Production

Kristen Scott Thomas has been spotted in London where she is currently filming Salmon Fishing in the Yemen with Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt. Lucky lady, she gets to work with so many handsome and talented co-stars.

If you go to the via source, there are lots of pictures of KST and the cast of this film.

source via source

  • Sus

    Hi JAG,
    Do we have any info re: date for release in the U.S.??? They better bring it here, or else!

    Take care,

    • Hi Sus, Not yet. Rest assured that BEL AMI will get a distributor in North America. It’s currently just a matter of the distributors getting a chance to “sample the goods” and since there is no cut available yet, that makes it hard. 🙂