The first WFE fan-made trailer is in!

Super talented reader, Oh_Logan, created this awesome Water For Elephants trailer and shared it with us. Now we share it with you πŸ™‚

Please note: This is NOT an official trailer nor does it contain official footage. It is fan-made…and quite creative.

Wow, right? We love how she incorporated Hal Holbrook into the video since we didn’t get to see him during production. πŸ™‚

Thanks for sharing, Oh_Logan!

  • Ali

    That was a pretty impressive effort.

  • SnowyHedwig

    Wow, what a bloody amazing job! She did a fantastic job of putting this together, just made me that much more excited for the real trailer and movie…

  • Maggie

    Terrific job! I am really impressed. This just reinforces the anticipation I have for this film. Can’t wait. Thanks for posting this. Very creative.

  • somanywards

    YAY, can’t wait for April!

  • Wow that was amazing, really good work! I love it, thanks for sharing.

  • gkngc04

    Wow! That was really good!

  • Excellent clipp now I really can’t wait to see this movie. Great job!!!!

  • Adriana

    That was really really good…..
    Can’t wait for April…. *starts counting months*

  • alex

    I hope a lots of people will see this and enjoy.I love this film.

  • “Fan”tastic job! Thank you for posting! I just know this movie is going to be amazing and this will be an incredibly tough winter to get through!

  • Roblover

    Love the fanmade trailor. So professonal. Thanks for sharing.

  • girl power

    That was wonderful! Fantastic job Oh_Logan!

  • Elizabeth

    Wow! Watching it gave me goosebumps. Very well done. Just a glimpse of seeing this book turn into something so visually beautiful.

  • jan

    Awesome job on the trailer…makes me SO excited for the real thing!!

    Thanks a bunch for posting!! πŸ˜€

  • Shawna

    nice job! πŸ™‚

  • That was AMAZING! That should really be used for Promotions and for the trailer. The music – the scenes that were picked.. This does seem to sum up the whole movie is this one trailer. Great talent.. I enjoyed this – keep making more it will be enjoyed by anyone who is looking forward to this wonderful movie…

  • Jackalyn

    great job! That just builds my anticipation for the movie even more!!

  • Gisel


  • karen

    What can I say……. AWESOME, EXCITING, GREAT JOB and very REALISTIC. Thanks for sharing. Can not wait for the movie!

  • Seeing Hal Holbrook gave me chills. Very well done!


  • naturaladdict

    great job! I can’t wait to see more coming out as more stuff gets released. I found this one too, a lot of similar footage, focusing on Jacob and Marlena

  • Thank you so much Oh_Logan and also naturaladdict. You are both helping the wait for WFE not be so long. I will enjoy watching your videos some more this year and next until the movie comes out. Thanks for being so thoughtful and sharing with all of us WFE fans!

  • Melly

    it’s awesome!

  • Heather

    Love that you put that Sia song in there!!

  • CRLN

    here is another one!