NEW PICS: Robert Pattinson with a fan during WFE filming posted this encounter back in July but many of us missed the super hot pictures. WFE news is slower than molasses…inching along like a snail…the tortoise in the race with the hare…although the hare wins, right?…nevermind…you get my point.

Enjoy these goodies and head over to Twifans to read the full encounter and see more set pics!


  • silkyfine49

    great pics, rob looks good

  • When the pictures came out over the weekend of Rob, Kristen, and Taylor on set in Louisiana for BD rehearsals, I got the biggest smile because Dean was in the pictures, too! I got another big smile today when my H20 email landed in my inbox. I miss the daily updates. Tink, I saw pictures of you at the Scream Awards over the weekend, too, correct?

    • Tinkrbe1l3

      Lol incorrect…I didn’t attend the scream awards.

  • Hmmm…I swear I saw a group picture over the weekend that included you in it, but now it’s going to bug me where I saw it.

    • oh! yeah that was me but it wasn’t at the Scream Awards. it was after outside a restaurant.

      • LOL!! That makes me feel better. I was beginning to think I’d imagined it. It’s hell to get old 😉

  • chico’s mama

    does anyone know where dean was all summer? i was so happy to see him. seems like they will be safe if he is with them. crazy,huh?

  • Roblover

    Thanks for the pics. I’m glad to hear from you guys.