‘Back to the Circus’ ~ a clown’s WFE extra experience is published!

After Water For Elephants wrapped, several extras shared their experience with our readers. Between the tweets and shared stories, the extras have played a large role in increasing excitement among fans for an already highly anticipated film.

One of the 6 clowns, Aaron Bloom, is our latest WFE extras to share their experience and he doesn’t disappoint. Now I have been playing email tag with Aaron for awhile. His emails were funny (haha…clown) and I wanted a story out of him because I knew it would be enjoyable. Aaron disappeared for a bit and while I would have loved to hound him, I backed off.

Little did I know it was because his extra experience was going to the New York Times. Pffft 😉 After reading his captivating story, I think you’ll understand why it was “sent to the presses”.

Click HERE to read Aaron’s WFE extra experience and go Back to the Circus.

When you’ve read the article (not before because this won’t make sense)…take our poll 🙂

Thank you, Aaron, for emailing us since this would not be a story that shows up in our google alerts 😉

  • suziekew

    wow, this guy’s been through the wringer! Nice that he managed to catch some good luck finally with WFE. Thanks for posting this!

  • Wow, I’m stunned speechless. All I can think to say is that I wanted to keep reading!!

    • Tinkrbe1l3

      Felt the same way.

  • Lisa

    Wow, the NY Times. Color me impressed. So he can’t mention the movie’s name due to legal reasons right?

  • Kim

    Why wouldn’t he name the famous movie actor? This seems a bit unfair to me as it makes all the leads kind of “potential grumpy anti-clown suspects”. So why not name the person?

  • Susie Mook

    OK – sooooo WHICH star said the clowns where “unfocused chaos”? I love it! Of course they are unfocused chaos – that’s the fun of it! and I am sure that’s what the star meant – as a compliment. 😉

  • Aaron, thank you for sharing your story to NYT for all of us to read. I sincerely hope your situation improves. Hang in there.