RECAP: First Look at the Water For Elephants Trailer

What. A. Night. And how did it all begin? With our lovely Kinker Debb that’s how…

What followed was a tweet heard ’round the twitter world.

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Twitter was on fire! Reports rolled in from other folks seeing the Entertainment Tonight tease. YouTube version went up pretty quickly. Then a good quality video with sound went up courtesy of StrictlyRob.

*fans self* are you still there? What followed after that was the art…

Awesome screencaps popped up from Twilight Poison

oooh I love this shot...
He's gonna steal every scene :)

Click HERE to view them all.

Fans on tumblr got busy making gorgeous gifs…this stunning black and white, vintage-y gif came from FloatingSky.

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Visit our tumblr to view more gifs and edits from fans.

All in all…it’s been an AMAZING night…you remember we have an affinity for the word “amazing”, right? 😉

Oh but wait! There’s more…

You know what that means…FULL LENGTH, HIGH DEFINITION GOODNESS!!! In less than 24 hours…

Now that’s “very soon” 😉

  • somanywards

    I think just the sight of him in action on this one will get me through to April…srsly*

    • somanywards

      Yup that did it* thank you so much for posting!!!!
      the clip… sigh
      and those screencaps … …

  • ElephantsFaithful100%

    I actually jumped up and down when I saw this….I cannot wait until tomorrow!!!!

  • CHRISTOPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SMOKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Shawna

    OK, am i the only one that keeps hitting replay? .. : D LOL

    • somanywards

      no bb, not the only one*
      I keep getting lost in those eyes…

  • Jessielly

    Ok it’s taken me a few minutes to stop hyperventilating and I’m still all giddy from seeing this, I’m thinking I may need paramedics on standby when the HD trailer comes out… Who knows what will happen when I watch the movie!!! WFE is one of my most fav books ever, to see it come to life is just ‘AMAZING’ (I have an affinity for the word amazing too hehehe). I just wish Reese, Rob and Christoph (would be nice to have Rosie too but…) could come to Sydney for the premiere… THAT would AMAZING beyond words 😉

  • Weeee!!! It looks great! The colors, Reese, Rob, Christoph– *sigh* April yet??

  • Kim

    I’m jumping up and down and squeaking in front of my screen!!

  • Roblover

    Truly Amazing!! What can I say? This movie is going to be great!!! Replay button is my friend.

  • jan

    Can’t. Breathe.
    Christoph and Reese rock but face it, it’s Robowski I’m bloody excited to see in action, all rugged and dirty in his totally natural gorgeousness (sans Edward make-up)!!!
    How are we to survive till April???