Finnish WFE trailer with additional footage!!!


Again, wowza. I don’t have words yet…

trailer via BlogTwiBrasil

*UPDATE* I had to remove the gifs that were posted here, sorry. You can find them all on our H2O Tumblr!

Screencaps by @fab_w

  • Adriana

    oh my god!!!
    we have the kiss…..

    and music is amazing..everything in this movie is AMAZING!!!!
    <3 <3 <3

  • Isa


  • Good grief! Why is it such an emotional experience for me? I’m a mess. The trailer is beyond beautiful, as is Rob. I agree with Adriana. I HAVE NO WORDS!!!!

    • Sue

      I totally agree with you….it just tears at our heart-strings

  • Sue

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…..OMG!!!! This movie is going to be absolutely beautiful from start to finish!!! If Rob isn’t taken seriously as an actor…then I don’t know what more he can do to prove it!! April 2011 cannot get here soon enough!

  • somanywards

    sigh… Oh April… let us count the days*

  • Alice87

    I have tears in my eyes!!! OMG!!! This is just…. it looks soooooo amazing!!!

  • Carroll Taylor

    Beautiful! I love the extra footage, too. If the camera angles and sound editing in the trailer are this amazing, then the entire film is going to be incredible. Hurry up, April!

  • More Rob … yesssss! Esp. at :35 and 1:39 *THUD* Oh what am I saying??? Every one of his scenes is thud worthy!

    The first trailer was Amazing but I love this one even more ’cause we see more of Rob’s acting. So now I’m doubly excited! 🙂

    • Linda

      I agree – this trailer is better than the first. You see more of their emotions in it! I cannot wait!!!

    • I am freaking out at the intensity in this trailer! How am I going to wait until April?? How am I going to stay in my seat when I finally DO see the movie?? ::flails::

      • Sus

        I’m with you, Deb….I think I’m now more excited for WFE than Bel Ami. This movie looks incredible, and so beautifully done! I absolutely can’t WAIT!!!


      • @sus 😉

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  • Ellen

    Can’t wait to see the movie!

  • Katrina

    oh lord imagin what were gonna do when clips from the movie come out or during the press junket. ugh im dying. that extra week added on doesnt help either ahaha

  • Elizabeth

    I have tears in my eyes and goosebumps! Breathe…

  • Roblover

    Aaa-maaa-zing!!!! Being patient used to be my strong suit. Now it’s sooo hard. (sobs)Thanks for the trailer.

  • Gorgeeeeeeeeeeeeus. This is perfetc. Rob como Jacob é liiiiiindoooo e perfeito demais.Não tem como não se apaixonar.Tá tudo lindo,figurino,cenario,atores excelentes,ótima direção……tem tudo pra ser um sucesso completo. #Team Jacob Jancoswki

  • yeuxdebleu

    Did anyone else notice some scenes have been flipped? For instance, Marlena approaches Silver Star from the opposite side in the US trailer.

    • I did notice that. Because I’d watched the first trailer 5,248,256 times. Don’t you judge me. 😉 lol

      • yeuxdebleu

        LOL Why would I judge you? That’s only 142 more times than I’ve watched it. *g*

  • silkyfine49

    this is all so great, love it

  • outatheblue

    This movie looks incredible. Robert is the perfect Jacob. He has the sweetness and the sensitivity and gentleness to be Jacob.

  • this movie is going to be epic