Roundup: Media coverage of Pattinson casting

Introducing Mr. Eric Packer

Once Robert Pattinson became attached to Cosmopolis, the media coverage kicked into high gear and the film instantly became highly anticipated. Supporters were out in full force and so were skeptics. Here’s a roundup of various media coverage on the casting heard ’round the world. Click the source to read the full report:


“Twilight” hearthrob Robert Pattinson has signed to star in “Cosmopolis,” David Cronenberg’s adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel.

The actor will be stepping into the shoes that were to be worn by Colin Farrell.

Paul Giamatti and Marion Cotillard are already on board the film, which is eyeing a mid-May start in Toronto.


Pattinson will be taking a very big (and very smart) step away from his vampire alter-ego. Based on Don De Lillo’s novel of the same name, Cosmopolis centers around Eric Packer, multi-billionaire finance man (that would be Rob’s part) who finds himself targeted by assassins after he loses a ton of money by betting against the rise of the yen.

The book takes place over the span of just one day with Packer crisscrossing through New York City in a high-tech limo to get a haircut at his father’s favorite barber shop.

“He has sex with two women, his art consultant and a bodyguard,” reads a review in Publisher’s Weekly. “He is hit in the face with a pie by a protester. He knows he is being stalked, and the novel stages a final convergence between the ex-tycoon and his stalker.”

Oh, he also shoots someone as the limo driver has to navigate around a presidential motorcade, an attack by anarchists and a rapper’s funeral. Packer has several meetings in the limo with folks like his doctor and some finance men.

Did I mention this is a very big step away from Pattinson’s vampire alter-ego?


This is a cool bit of casting and a smart move for the actor. Whether or not he can bring what is needed to the role remains to be seen, but working with a filmmaker as talented as Cronenberg on a high-profile adaptation will certainly put Pattinson’s skills to the test. And honestly, no matter how the movie turns out, there’s something to be said for the fact that this casting news will certainly inspire Pattinson’s more ardent supporters to go out and buy a Don DeLillo book. Anything that gets the kids of the world reading quality fiction is okay by me.

The Screen Rant

Signing on for Cosmopolis certainly seems like a move in the right direction for Pattinson. There’s something almost poetic about him playing an ultra-successful young man who is living a life of riches and fame – and decides that his existence is more a nightmare than an enviable dream. That’s not to mention that, with Cronenberg at the helm, the film will undoubtedly be far more (intentionally) twisted than anything Pattinson has starred in before.

MTV Movie Blog

A Cronenberg flick — and one based on a Don DeLillo novel, at that — isn’t exactly in the “Twilight” fan base’s wheelhouse, but taking the role is a strong career move for Pattinson. Cronenberg’s films tend to be bluntly violent, visceral and emotionally wrenching, and “Cosmopolis” promises to challenge Pattinson and give him the chance to prove that he can play more than the tortured heartthrob.

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The ‘Twilight’ star will be playing a billionaire playboy who, over the course of a 24-hour period, cheats on his wife (played by Marion Cotillard), gains a stalker (Paul Giamatti), is attacked by a protesting anarchist, attends the funeral of a rapper and then loses all his money in a poorly timed bet against the Japanese yen. And while that all sounds quite bizarre on its own accord, just keep in mind that the director wrangling it all together is the same man who gave the world ‘Videodrome,’ ‘The Fly,’ ‘eXistenZ,’ and ‘A History of Violence.’ So, all things considered, Pattinson’s unexpected casting is hardly bound to be the strangest thing about ‘Cosmopolis.’

But what do you think? Is an image-shattering project like this exactly what Pattinson needs as he steps out of the ‘Twilight’ spotlight?

Entertainment Weekly

Today we learned Robert Pattinson has officially selected his first major post-Twilight project. According to Deadline, the mop-topped one has signed on to star in David Cronenberg’s adaptation of Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis. (The film’s production company, Alfama Films, confirmed the casting on their website.) The book, which is heavily set in a limousine, follows a financial whiz who’s diverted by several events — some dreary, some sexy, and some career-killing — while on his way to get a haircut.  After the somber disaster that was Remember Me, it’s nice to see Pattinson sign onto a joint from a director as respected Cronenberg (A History of Violence, Eastern Promises).

Hollywood Reporter

Robert Pattinson has signed to star in Cosmopolis, David Cronenberg’s adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel, stepping into the shoes that were to be worn by Colin Farrell.

Paul Giamatti and Marion Cotillard are already on board the film, which is eyeing a mid-May start in Toronto.

Martin Katz is also producing Cosmopolis. Renee Tab is exec producing.

Farrell was attached to play the lead but segued to Columbia’s remake of Total Recall, which also shoots in the spring.

Cronenberg is producing with Paulo Branco of Alfama Films.

Pattinson is repped by WME and 3 Arts.


We have to admit, our first words upon hearing this were: “What the shit?” Haters gonna hate, but like it or not, Robert Pattinson is in a position to get things green lit, as he is taking over for Colin Farrell in David Cronenberg‘s “Cosmopolis.”

Well, we suppose we’re glad “Cosmopolis” is still getting made but we think the Pattinson casting is totally, totally wrong. But maybe he’ll prove us wrong…..right?

The Film Stage

Cosmopolis takes over the course of one day in the year 2000 and follows young Eric Packer, a financial wizard who is taking his fancy limousine out to go get a haircut and is prepping to risk his entire fortune on betting against the rise of the Japanese yen. He keeps getting sidetracked though, as he runs into a protest, a presidential visit, and a rapper’s funeral which keeps traffic at a stand still. During this time, he indulges in sadistic and voyeuristic thoughts and waxes philosophic about the state of the country from the back of his limo. In layman’s terms, the guy’s kind of a douchebag. Pattinson will be playing this character, and it’s also been rumored that Marion Cotillard and Paul Giamatti have also signed on.

See that sounds great…for a novel. As for a movie, I don’t know if it will translate as well since what I’ve read up on it makes it sound like the main character just sits in his limo and does a bunch of monologues about assorted things. But then again, Cronenberg isn’t a horrible director and I’ve got faith in his vision; not only is he directing the movie, he’s also written the script for it so he’s got to have something invested in the material. What I also like is that Pattinson didn’t take this movie for the money or the glory; instead, he signed on because he admires not only the work of the director, but Don DeLillo‘s novels as well. It’s reasons like those that keep me rooting for the pretty boy vampire; I just hope Cosmopolis gives him the chance to shine.

MTV Hollywood Crush

Here’s a sure sign that the apocalypse is coming “The Twilight Saga” is coming to a close: Robert Pattinson has booked his first major role for after “Breaking Dawn” wraps filming. According to Deadline, he’ll be starring in director David Cronenberg’s latest, “Cosmopolis,” based on the Don DeLillo novel of the same name. Let’s just say the role is a bit of a departure from “Twilight” and “Water for Elephants.”

Skeptics and supporters are all over the place! Since we’re supporters around here, we know Pattinson is going to knock this out of the park.

What do you think? How do you feel Robert Pattinson will fare as Eric Packer?

  • Karin

    I’ve already read the book and personally I think Rob will rock this part. It’s bold, it’s different, but it’s an excellent decision on his part. I’m probably biased because I think Rob is brilliant in anything he does, but still, I think this is right up his alley. It will give him the chance to grow and develop and show the world he’s more than a sparkly vampire heartthrob. I couldn’t be more excited for his role in this film 🙂

  • it is not the first adult film. Only because the US refuse to support bel-ami why is that, because it’s a period movie, bel-ami has UK AND OTHER DISTRIBUTORS!and it seems they are awaiting US,BUT PEOPLE DO YOUR HOMEWORK,compolis it not the first ruthless, rob has act and critics gave the guy a break, what happen to innocent until proven guilty.

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  • We all know how professional and dedicated Rob is when it comes to preparing for roles … so I’m sure by the time they say “Role” … he’ll be ready. 🙂

    Got to admit I had to look up Paul Giamatti … the name rang a bell but I’ve seen so many movies that I couldn’t remember him. Found is IMdb page and then recognized him. He was great in The Illusionist, Sideways and Paycheck … haven’t seen his other films. I also checked under “Awards” … he was nominated for an Oscar (wow) and nominated for and won numerous awards. That’s great!

    And I’ve only seen Marion in Inception but she was AMAZING in that supporting role.

  • mr cronenberg made the right choice. as a brilliant director, he would not have asked robert pattinson to play in this film, unless he knew he had potential to do a great job. as a great director , he will push robert pattinson to the limits and bring out the best in him.wishing director mr cronenberg and the actor mr robert pattinson great success with this film.

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