Let’s get in the limo: Cosmopolis reading group

I know a bunch of us bought this book too!

So it would appear Robert Pattinson is the new ‘Oprah’ of book sales. His upcoming star turn in Water for Elephants has helped return that book to the New York Times best seller list. Try googling My Friend the Mercenary.  Yeah, Rob shows up… simply because he was photographed holding the book. (fingers crossed for a very intense future project)

Now Rob has done the same for Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis, which is flying out of unprepared bookstores and enjoying a surge in online sales. I can’t wait to see the numbers in a few weeks.

Some of you have started or even finished the book already. I’ve skimmed it, Chauffer M. has listened to it (warning: dangerous while driving 😉 ) and Chauffeur Tink, well, she’s just intrigued by the dirty bits she’s seen on Twitter. (Tink: hey! that’s not all…I don’t think… 😉 #lieswillsendyoutohell)

The Chauffeurs are all going to read (or reread) Cosmopolis starting TONIGHT and meet back here next Tuesday to talk about some stuff.

So get reading (or rereading) and hop in the limo with us next week. We’ll start off with some general discussion. The book is written as stream of consciousness in two parts – we’ll discuss the first half on Tuesday and the second on Wednesday. From there we’ll choose topics based on, erm, popularity. *predicts some topics with amazing ease* I always like thinking about the adaptation from book to movie too so I’ll be reading with an eye to that. Also the female characters. I think each represents something distinct to Eric… *starts reading again immediately*

Happy Reading!! 😉

  • OMG!! great! lol I started to read it yesterday! 😉

  • Annie

    I’m in!

  • roslynselene

    Started reading it last night! I like it so far. Not boring at all. This guy’s a real prick and I’m starting to think this is Rob’s way of shedding the Edward “too good to be true” gentleman image. 😉 I’m fine with that. Lol

  • robsexme

    O.o I’m excited! 😀

  • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

    I started reading it yesterday, haven’t gotten terribly far into it as yet. It almost reads more like poetry and some quotable lines to die for — “I’m a citizen of the world with a pair of New York balls”. Yep, I’m in LOL

    • roslynselene

      And what he grabs when he says that. *gah* Please oh please keep that part in the movie. *faints*

  • Shannon

    Getting my copy!

  • SuzyQ

    I’m in too. =)

  • Read it, not interested in rereading, but gonna line up for the movie millions of time just to see Rob (especially if there’s a smexing scenes or a nekkid scene even if its just poking his tush for the prostate exam scene).

  • Yeah…I did the cheap thing and went to the library 😉 …can’t wait to discuss the book!! (ps. I loved it)

  • Sparkle_balls

    I’m in, on the second part of the book right now but my kindle died last night, charging it up so I can read again. By the way you guys have been tweeting I am heading for the better sexy times. OH and Chauffer M I am telling your other Boyfriend you are washing some hot guys limo in a bikini J/K love ya.

  • Marina H.

    I’m down! Can’t wait to talk about some stuff 🙂

  • Miss_Caino

    I’m ready to hop on that limo too!

  • The blog looks great ladies! Looking forward to every single one of your posts.

    I’ll try to remember about the chat for next Tuesday … but work & RL may get in the way. I completely forgot to print the book before leaving work today. It’s rare I finish on time. LOL 🙂 *makes note to self: PRINT THE BOOK*
    {smooches} <3s

    • We’ll have more than one chat post about the book. Glad to see you here bb!

  • apotampkin

    started listening to the audiobook this week and absolutely loving it! I never want it to end….

  • Julie Clark-Fortune

    Almost finished reading. I will be in line with the rest of the ladies to hop in the limo.

  • heartskaos

    Starting to read tonight!! So excited!! Twitter has been driving crazy with certain quotes from the book that are being posted… Yeah ya know which ones… 😉

  • Ordered the book from Amazon and now I am anticipating it’s arrival. Can’t wait!

  • gkngc04

    I am just waiting for my book!! I am in all the way!

  • deb! i mentioned this on WFE but i bought The Ballad of Sad Cafe right after the Oprah show 😉

  • Steffi

    Dying to talk about this wild ride of a book! Just envisioning how they’ve adapted this cerebral whirlwind for the screen is dizzying. Oh the discussion we will be having.

  • IM1LuckyWoman

    Got my copy two days ago. Skimmed the whole book that night…now really reading it. I’m halfway through. It’s really good and I, too, am dying to see how all this is going to translate to the screen and to see how Rob will be doing it! WHAT a role for him!! Oh…and an aside about the book “Sex Driven People”…I have to say I’ll bet most of us didn’t get it. I Googled that one when I first saw that photo of him holding it. It was expensive!! Amazon now lists 8 used copies (it’s out of print) ranging in price from $137 to $350 US dollars!!! As much as Rob’s choices have inspired my own reading choices lately, that’s one I had to pass on.

  • somanywards

    Was hard to contain my “squeeeeeee” when I saw this!!!
    I’m 1/2 way through … 😉
    can’t wait*

  • PerfectDate

    So just found this site, looks wonderful! The wait for Cosmopolis on Amazon is 1 to 3 weeks already, so I downloaded it to my kindle account. Did you know there’s an app so you can read your kindle books on your iPhone? My Kindle is from 2008, so old and unwieldly, haven’t upgraded yet. But I digress.
    I too saw Rob with Ballad of Sad Cafe on Oprah and immediately went and bought it. Rob holding a book is my undoing, I swear….
    Thx for hosting such a fun place 🙂

    • Ballad of Sad Cafe is a wonderful movie too. Jack Palance is in it.

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  • I’m waiting for my copy to come. But I just read Baudrillard’s review of Crash (Ballard book). In it he keeps describing it as film although he was reviewing the book. After Borges, but in another register, Crash is the first great novel of the universe of simulation,the one with which we will all now be concerned-a symbolic universe, but one which, through a sort of reversal….appears as if traversed by an intense force of initiation. Crash was done by Cronenberg before the Hollywood Crash stole the name. It also takes place mostly in a car with sex and a violent auto crash and mingled bodies twisted with car parts.

    Few books, few films reach this resolution of all finality or critical negativity, this dull splendor of banality or of violence (Nashville, Clockwork Orange.)

    I am sure, since Cosmopolis continues this same theme of simulated universe, that Cronenberg, being an auteur director, is very aware of Baudrillard and his philosophical theory of the present and is continuing to work within this message. And it is in keeping that it also takes place in a car. I am also sure that De Lillo meant it as an acknowledgement to Ballard.

    What I would like some of us to do here is to read Cosmopolis through Ballard, Cronenberg’s film, and through Baudrillard using the technique of quoting who and/or what we are reading through, as put forth by Benjamin in Illuminations. Then if it develops why not publish it, find an agent, ebook it ourselves or Kindle it or a mixture of the above to come out about the same time as the film. Is anyone interested in doing this here. Of course we would not be limiting the comments to just that either. But afterwards we might have a lot of material to organize along these lines.

    And the author would have disappeared (that’s us) as Foucault has said in his author essay. Please think about this.

  • It just came today along with Symbolic Exchange and Death by Baudrillard. I’ll reread it tonight and comment tomorrow.

  • gkngc04

    just got my hard copy and audio today, started listening on the way home….of course I picture Rob already and it’s amazing….

  • Vanessa Paradis would be great. The other choices here don’t understand her character. She is beautiful and European.

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