“Robert Pattinson is a smart guy.”: Positive response to Cosmopolis casting

He knows what he's doing...

From Hollywood.com:

As much as I hate to admit it, Robert Pattinson is a smart guy. He’s effectively leveraging his status as the object of millions of young girls’ affections to grab better roles in projects with better filmmakers. After getting to work with accomplished TV director Allen Coulter on Remember Me, he segued into period drama with the forthcoming Water For Elephants, opposite Oscar winner’s Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz. He’s now on tap to star in director David Cronenberg’s new film Cosmopolis, another interesting turn for Hollywood’s young heartthrob.

Even more interesting is the fact that he’s replacing Colin Farrell, an actor with much more credibility and known ability, in the lead role. The fact that he was even considered to fill Farrell’s shoes is a vote of confidence from Cronenberg and a possible sign of things to come. In Cosmopolis, Pattinson will play Eric Packer, a wealthy financial wunderkind who risks his entire fortune as he runs the gauntlet in a futuristic Manhattan. His deeds make him the target of an assassination plot in a drama that is said to be a study of capitalism.

Cronenberg adapted Don DeLillo’s novel and will produce and direct the film, which is also attracting top-tier talent for its supporting roles. Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard and nominee Paul Giamatti are said to be circling roles; the former could play Pattinson’s wife. There’s no word on when production would start, as Pattinson still has work to be done on the final Twilight films and Cronenberg is editing A Dangerous Method. (Tink: since the posting of this article, a start date was announced.) My only hope is that the filmmaker finds a role for his current muse Viggo Mortensen; he could only add good things to this promising project.

Such a positive response! I appreciated something that wasn’t filled with doubt but rather curious and welcoming. Also, applauding the move on Pattinson’s part. Working with Cronenberg will only strengthen him as an actor. 🙂

  • Love this! Hope that people are beginning to see the incredible potential that we all know is there!

    • instead of making him a punching bag because of Twilight.

  • Marina H.

    He’s going to be brilliant 🙂 I can’t wait to see what this does for his career. LUUUUUHVE!

  • Red_Headed_Lust

    I’m SO looking forward to watching a whole bunch of a**holes eating crow.

    • Maah

      best 1st coment ever!

    • Amen!!

  • Rob often acts goofy, but yeah, he’s very smart! Moving beyond Twilight I do hope the rest of the world catches on to that. Remember Me, WFE, and now Cosmo have all been ‘smart’ choices as far as I can tell, even without seeing the movies. 😉 So glad you guys are doing this site because I enjoyed the WFE journey! -kiTT

  • Eileen

    We already know that Rob is talented, smart and knows exactly what he’s doing. I’m so glad that Cronenberg’s trust in Rob seem to open the eyes of the critics. Obviously Cronenberg sees something in Rob that the critics have been denying for a long time now; loads of talent. I’m impressed with Rob’s daring choices and admire his courage. He’s something else……….. he’s Rob and I love him for being just that!

  • rob is going to shock the doubters, why because he was in twilight? and so rob was acting just like edward was suppose to, so people give the guy a break, look at kristen, she act her ass of in TRA and WTTR,critic say they love it, but i don’t see no nomations for nothing

    • LTavares2011


  • LTavares2011

    Excellent article. I love admitting how happy I am after reading this and other articles about Rob`s new film. His talent has always been underestimated by these gentlemen ( certain journalists ) and now it is amazing to see them changing their point of views about Rob and it is only beginning.

  • rpattzgirl

    WOW!!!! That is amazing that they something great about Rob!!!

  • Great article, I sure hope Viggo gets a part as well. You know he’s almost swedish 😉

  • Statements like this piss me off though: “…effectively leveraging his status as the object of millions of young girls’ affections.” They need to redo their demographic. Just sayin’.

    Water for Elephants will provide the “street cred” the media seems to crave.

    Cosmopolis will be a vehicle (pun intended) that will stretch (another pun intended) Rob creatively because he will most likely be in every scene and driving (can’t seem to stop myself) the movie 😉

    • Oh 17ForeverLisa, you need to bannerize that statement! LMAO!

    • That leveraging statement is just part of the prevailing Discourse. IThe discourse is changing before their eyes and they don’t get it.

  • Love this! Nothing to add ’cause everyone said it all. 🙂
    Esp. Eileen “He’s something else … he’s Rob and I love him for being just that!”
    BTW I just noticed the banner *facepalm* … Niiiiiiiiice! 🙂 <3s

  • Betty b

    Robert is a man who seeks to challenge himself not only as musician but as a actor. He says he’s not sure what he wants to do, yet he chooses wisely his movie projects. Hmmmmm I think Robert is planning on being in the movie business ( as he said in the movie twilight) a while