Robert Pattinson on Water For Elephants: “One of the best experiences I’ve ever had…”

Robert Pattinson at the Golden Globes

Eonline spoke to Robert Pattinson on the Red Carpet at the Golden Globes and he dished on Water For Elephants!

Um, welcome to the ginger club, Robert Pattinson?

R.Patz’s hair looked a little more red than usual at tonight’s Golden Globes.

Here’s what he just told me about the color change…

“I had to keep switching it between two movies,” he explained.

And then he added with a laugh, “I thought it was a nice change.”

The two movies, obviously, are Breaking Dawn and Water for Elephants.

As for Elephants, Pattinson beamed. “It was probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had making a movie…

“I’ve been working with [Reese Witherspoon] for the last three days,” he continued. “She’s amazing. She’s great. She’s funny.”

Wonder if she digs his hair?

  • somanywards

    waves 😉
    proud member of the ginger club*

  • Elizabeth

    The red hair suits him. Everything suits him.