Cosmopolis Dream Cast: Elise Shifrin Edition

UPDATE: Results are in! Emily Blunt is our winner, garnering nearly half the votes. Emma Watson came in second. There were some intriguing write-in noms in the comments. We’ll have this sort of thing when we “Dream Cast” Jane Melman and Vija Krinski.

Well well well. The Cosmopolis limo has had a bumpy ride with the news that Marion Cotillard is no longer be attached to the project, followed by the ‘blink and you missed it’ appearance of Keira Knightley on the production website. Hmmm. What happens now? We wait, of course, for official news. Until then we can pretend we have a say in the matter and “cast” our own Elise Shifrin!

We present to you a mix of chauffeur choices and ideas from Twitter (you know, you’re all very opinionated? We LOVE that!) Should we have a poll?

Emily Blunt
Abbie Cornish
Ellen Page
Michelle Williams
Emma Watson

Now, think about Elise. She needs to banter with Eric, hold her own, yet there’s a vulnerability to her. Who would you cast to play against Robert Pattinson’s Eric Packer? Write ins are more than welcome!

Looks like the casting of Cosmopolis is going to get interesting. Psst. My money is still on Keira. 😉

  • rpattzgirl

    OMG, love Emily Blunt…and also Michelle Williams…

  • Monica

    Ok I think Emily blunt would be amazing. God not Michelle. But I like the idea of a very adult Emma Watson. That would be awesome!!!!

  • I’m goin to go with Emma Watson. She’s young, beautiful and angelic. And just as we would love to hear Robert speak of bottle fucks, I would love to see a Harry Potter star say someone smells of sex!

  • LTavares2011

    Abbie, Emily and Carey Mulligan which is on my private list. (LOL)

    • I meant to add Carey Mulligan. I love her and think she would be perfect. 🙂

      • LTavares2011

        Thanks, I thought I was alone. I dream one day Carey will be Rob`s leading lady in a film.

  • apotampkin

    Since Abbie was my suggestion, of course I pick her but I could defo see Emily Blunt holding her own too!

  • This is tough….she does need to go toe to toe and hold her own with Eric yet show vulnerability. She needs to be other worldly, mysterious, angelic, and sensual….GAH!

    So interesting…

    • Sensual… perhaps. But she also needs to be so cerebral she’d cockblock her own husband in the name of her pretentious art, which she thinks deserves more of her energy! A frigid ice queen who melts over the course of the day?

  • jane

    I love the idea of Emma doing an adult role. I like Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis for the role also.

  • Netra21

    I love Emily Blunt! definitely not michelle williams I think she is a good actress but I don’t think she would fit the part. one person that popped into my head was Audrey Tautau for some reason

    • Jessyh

      Actually,you’re right.Tatou would fit perfectly.That’s a good idea.That European feel about her.This character calls for it.

    • Audrey is the picture I had in my head while reading!

    • Oh, I’d love Audrey!

  • Aussiegirl

    Please. I like Emma Watson but David Cronenberg wouldn’t go near her with a 10 ft whatev. No acting chops.

    I would love to see Rob act opposite Emily Blunt. I absolutely adore her. And she has a wonderful Brit sense of humour. But I don’t think this is the right role for her.

    Ellen Page – love her so much!!! Too spunky though.

    Michelle Williams – definite possibility. She can play just about anything.

    Abby – my pick. She has that ‘other worldliness’ about her. Watch her in Somersault (2004) and you’ll see what I mean.

    • I like your reasoning on all of them. She has to plausibly come from a Swiss banking family, and there is nothing more sterile than that!

  • DebbieCDC (aka SeattleChik)

    Ellen Page I think would be great, terrific young actress.

    My personal pick? Newcomer (and here for the long haul) Jennifer Lawrence from “Winter’s Bone” (grand jury prize winner at Sundance). What a performance from a young and pretty much unknown actress. Doesn’t hit one false note. I was major league impressed with her talent. She has it. She was just nominated for a Golden Globe to boot.

    • JENNIFER LAWRENCE…. absolutely!

      She is exact age of the character, she is hauntingly attractive, and she showed great depth and backbone in Winter’s Bone. Plus she’s got the right profile right now: up and coming actor with lots of recent exposure and critical praise. She has the chops, but does the movie need a bigger name to keep its “clout,” after A-listers Farrel and Cotillard backed out?

  • Marina H.

    I had 2 thoughts on my drive home today:

    Rachel McAdams


    Diane Kruger

    Thoughts, feelings?

    • LTavares2011

      Rachel and Robert together in scene, it would be heaven on earth. I love her. She is a good actress. Rachel and Rob smiling to each other will kill me.

    • Unfortunately, far too old.

      Since Rob’s going to be trying to look older, for once it wouldn’t hurt to have a female lead who’s not trying to look younger. Just makes things that much more difficult… and given how hard a story like this is to sell already, who needs the grief?

  • Jessyh

    How about Eva Green?I absolutely adore that woman.

    And anyone who has seen Casino Royale knows she can play sensual,mysterious and vulnerable all at the same time.I think she’s got this air of superiority and whip-smartness about her that would be prefect for the role.

    • LTavares2011

      I love Eva Green. Yes she would be perfect too.

  • Dee

    I don’t really know Emily Blunt but for some reason when I looked at the picture I thought that’s her ….hmmm????

  • Jessyh

    I have another idea.Rebecca Hall.Played in Dorian Grey and Vicky,Christina ,Barcelona.In my mind at least, she fits Elise’s physiognomy and I believe she can deliver in this part.Her part in Dorian Grey was small,but poignant.I think she’s won a Golden Globe.Quite talented,but not exactly an A-lister.It depends on what they’re looking for.

  • Haven’t read the book yet. Looked up that Elise is supposed to be 22 years old and based on her description, I think Emma could pull it off.

    I’m now intrigued about who will play the 40-year-old Didi (Can I audition? LOL) I’ll be back for that pole because I can think of way more names for that role!

    • Would it be too weird if it were Ashley Greene? Maybe one of the benefits of the Cullens looking so different as vamps is that they can play future rolls together without being seen as ‘Edward’ and ‘Alice.’

      @LTavares I would love to see Rob and Rachel in a project together at some point.

  • Alice87

    Hey guys,

    my first comment here…. *waves* Wanted to give you all a big compliment about the blog!!!
    LOVE the design and all your posts!!! Haven´t read the book yet, but I hope to start it soon….

    I´m really sad that Marion isn´t part of the cast anymore… *sadpanda*

    My second and third choice for Eric´s wife would be
    Ellen Page or Emma Watson

    • Hey! Good to see you here – the fun is just starting! 🙂

  • mrsaubergine

    Emily Blunt. No question – she’s perfect. NOT Ellen Page – she has always reminded me too much of Pinky. *ducks and runs away*

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  • @bellasguardian

    Ohh Yes Emily Blunt DEFINITELY! I could also see Diane Kruger though…Rachel McAdams would also be awesome (good canadian girl!)

  • Johny Depp’s Vanessa Paradis would be perfect. But Kristen would be the best choice in all ways.

    • Kristen is right. And impossible. 15 years ago Vanessa would have been transcendent. In the here and now (no digital age-altering simulating allowed), who?

      • Paradis’s latest movie in France was great.

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  • For me, the perfect Schifrin elise is Clemence Poesy. It’s beautiful, blonde, French (European as it says in the book) and has the face of a poet.

  • Mélanie Laurent!

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