Francis Lawrence is cutting away: “Almost done” with Water For Elephants

Francis Lawrence has consistently communicated with Water For Elephants fans during the film making process. It’s been an unexpected pleasure to be given that kind of access to the film. Here’s the quick exchange we had on twitter that revealed Mr. Lawrence hard at work on the final edits and that surprise ending 🙂

So exciting 🙂 The reshoots looked fantastic and are sure to be a great addition to the film. Also, in case you missed it, the official website debuted today:

We added a permanent button on the right side, navigation pane for the official site. Keep a look out for updates on that site. Hopefully they add a store 🙂 Posters are a hot demand.

93 more days!!!

  • yeuxdebleu

    Gorgeous! Every time I watch this trailer I get chills. And the soundtrack is wonderful.!

  • Adriana

    He is soooo sweet!!!
    I LOVE HIM!!!! 🙂

  • Roblover

    It’s Wonderful! It’s marvelous!!! (Burst into singing)