Out with Marion. In with Keira Knightley?

UPDATE: We figured this because Cotillard is no longer on the website but The Playlist confirmed it with her representative: Marion Cotillard is out due to scheduling conflict.

UPDATE: The producer’s website has changed to only include Robert Pattinson attached to the film. Gone is Keira Knightley. What’s going on? Your guess is as good as mine. I’m thinking they didn’t realize how quick Pattinson fans are with news and maybe it wasn’t time to announce? Did an intern make an mistake by putting her up on the website? I don’t know…I don’t know…stay tuned! This limo ride hit a pothole 😉

new screencap from the producers website

Yes says Cosmopolis production website:

screencap from page

This is coming from the producer’s (Paulo Branco) website about Cosmopolis so we hold it to be true. I can see Knightley in the role and find it a  better pairing in some ways (love Marion though).

Knightley will be seen in Cronenberg’s next film scheduled for this year, A Dangerous Method.


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  • Woah! That would mean he’ll be working with a fellow Brit! And it might actually mean that my hubs will watch it too, cuz he’s Keira fan 😉

    It just gets better and better 🙂

  • Ok, nothing wrong with Keira but… I just don’t see it! Ah, well…hopefully it’ll be great.

    • really? i see it…i like her age better. nothing against Marion with this because i LOVE Marion but when i read Cosmopolis, i saw Elise younger than Marion. she technically IS younger.

      who did you see?

      • Well, I rarely have a specific actor/actress in mind when reading something (other than Rob of course) it’s probably more her previous work that makes it difficult for me to imagine her as Elise.
        Elise, to me, is someone who is difficult to grasp, she’s almost etheral and I think that is one of the reasons Eric has a hard time recognizing her, the fact that he always seem to find her anyway shows that they’ve got some sort of connection that is beyond what we’re told in words.
        She is mysterious, secretive and she always dissapear and appear out of the blue. This is the part that I don’t see in Keira, but I’m sure she’s going to do well and prove me completely wrong.

        • thoughtful opinion on the casting, nonetheless 🙂

        • apotampkin

          completely agree bbbee. apart from the fact I don’t like her, I also just find her too hard around the edges.

  • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

    I think Keira will be fine as Elise — since she just worked with Cronenberg, obviously he likes directing her, so that should be a plus.

  • KittyC

    Wow, this is going to be an epic movie. I think Keira Knightly is a better fit with RPatz. I can envision steamy chemistry between them, more than with Marion. IMHO!

  • sylvia

    she will do fine, she’s a great actrice, so yes

  • Denise

    I love Marion, but believe Keira is a better match for the part if you go by the book and assuming she is playing his wife. I think her and Rob will be great together in the film.

  • DeDe

    Ughh Keira!! For once I was thrilled to watch a film Rob was in cuz I ADORE Marion and she was like the saving grace of all the has beens he’s been staring against…and now they pair him with ms manly man?! ughh again!

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  • I like this. Keira Knightley was amazing in Atonement and I think she and Rob will be a great match onscreen. I worried when Marion’s pregnancy was announced that the part would be recast but I’m pretty happy right now. I can visualize them together.

    • cmdww

      I agree with you Deb. I haven’t been able to get my hands on the book yet but from the description I read, Keira seems closer age wise plus I also happen to like her. I think Rob will have fun with her on set.

  • BewitchedByRob

    I think they just upped the numbers at the box by casting Keira.
    More guys know her than Marion, IMO.

    As someone said above, now they know their husband will watch it, and I can now say the same about my guy, vs. if it was Marion. He also loves Reese, so looks like he’s going to have to suffer through Rob a little bit more than he cares to, this year and next and that thought, amuses me *evil laugh* I, on the other hand, will be suffering in a different, more lovely way because of Rob…loving every minute and then some!

    With that said, I’m truely split as to who I’d prefer.
    At least this move wasn’t done in the 11th hour, for reaons that were backhanded and it’s just because of something wonderful and exciting happening in Marion’s life.

  • Aussiegirl

    I think Keira will play Elise’s detached air to perfection. I just can’t keep thinking about Rob saying that his English agent used to tote him around as the ‘male Keira Knightley’ and he laughed and said “What? Do I pout or something?”.

    Rob has worked with lots of beautiful actresses but they have all been older than him. No threat. Even Emilee. Keira just seems too close … and British.

    If I was Kristen I would show up on set in hot pants. Every day I could. Superficial of me I know. I should be more secure.

  • Aussiegirl

    More importantly … the most crucial casting, after Eric Packer of course, HAS to be The Pastry Assassin. If that scene is not in the movie I will pitch a fit.

    What say you?

    I go with Stanley Tucci. Mainly because he can play ANYTHING. Tragedy, humour, pathos, sinister, camp.

    • Marina H.

      OH MY GOD. If Stanley was in this movie I would flip out! That would be waymazing!!

    • apotampkin


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  • I like Keira! She’s a wonderful actress in serious (Atonement) and not so serious films (TPoTC). And from the interviews I’ve seen, she has a great sense of humour. Good for down times on set.

    I agree that having Keira will attract a broader audience … men. And that is a great thing! #more.success While I was happy with the original casting … Marion was great in Inception … this is a very good casting replacement IMO. 🙂

  • Marina H.

    I’m not going to lie, I’ve been whining about this all afternoon (half because I like the way Marion looks on the banners 😉 ) BUT I’ve done some thinking and I’m ready to move on.

    Their closer age is definitely a plus, especially since Rob can pull of looking older than her. While I liked Marion’s overall look, especially as a “poet” like Elise, I think Keira will fit in just as well. I feel like she and Rob are similar enough physically to make a good couple.

    Also, of course, she is a fantastic young actress. What’s more important is that I think she’ll bring a whole new group of fans to this movie, and that’s all good news!

    So looking forward to seeing photos once this starts filming. Our lead stars are going to look FANTASTIC!!


    • i think its so funny how you came to terms here then BAM. we’re on the fence again LOL

      • Marina H.


        they’re toying with my emotions and my creativity.


        • Chauffeur M is in creative limbo! Our limo is stalled! LMAO

  • LTavares2011

    I think Keira is a great choice of Cronenberg. She is a good actress, experienced, smart, beautiful, talented, has worked with many excellent actors and actresses, good directors. She has been nominated for the Oscar, Bafta, Golden Globe and recently worked with Cronenberg and for me she is a natural choice, Keira and Rob will be a nice partnership.
    P.S. Mr. Cronenberg, If someday need another good and experienced young actress I suggest Carey Mulligan. She has won the Bafta for best actress and has been nominated for the Oscar.

    • apotampkin

      I can see Carey Mulligan. Just because Keira is closer in age, doesn’t make her right for the part. I think Marion has the perfect feel for it but it did make me mad that once again Rob has someone so much older to have to work with – it just doesn’t fit for the movie – nor did it for WFE. Are there just no decent actresses in their early twenties? I guess we all just get better with age….

      • I like Carey…idk if I see her as sexy and I saw Elise sexy….at least sensual. But I do like Carey and would be down with it. I’m pretty easy going in this casting. As long as the actress is credible, I’ll be happy. I would like a Natalie Portman type as well. I know she’s pregnant but I like that type of actress in the role.

        This is going to be interesting 🙂

        • Dee

          Whoa Carey?? That’s an idea…she’s stunning and makes it look effortless.

  • Marina H.

    just when I was finally coming around…

    stupid interns.

  • LTavares2011

    LOL. Keira disappeared from the limo?

    • yup. lol

      • Dee

        LOL I think someone may or may not have nicely tossed her out of the sunroof lol That’s ok more room for us!

  • I think Cronenberg wants our heads to spin right from the very beginning…lol

    • love it! our limo is going around in circles 😉

  • apotampkin

    oooh what about Abbie Cornish??

    Has anyone seen Bright Star? One of the best, most amazing movies… she has the ethereal quality and is a fantastic actress.

    • She looks the part…nice offering

      • apotampkin

        watch Bright Star if you want a real treat… Ben Whishaw is great too (he was in Perfume). Or if you want something angsty and edgy – Candy with Heath Ledger. She really has some chops.

    • Aussiegirl

      Ooooh – interesting idea. If you want to see her looking COMPLETELY ethereal – check her out in a very small independent Australian film called Somersault – made in 2004. She is mesmerising, a complete enigma.

      • apotampkin

        oh yeah I fluvved that movie… she is just great hey? Shame she’s not better known in the US.

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  • for the love

    Good grief. I decided to check out some info on Cosmopolis and the internet lit up with Kiera/Rob news. Frankly, this has to be getting old for Rob. I know everyone loves him, but this obsession women have with him is so far gone. So, this website is another Rob fan website for women who can’t stop fawning over a 24yr old guy, not a website for the movie Cosmopolis. This has to suck for him.

    • That’s an awfully negative comment for people that want to support his films.

      In addition to that support, this is a website for the movie Cosmopolis. If you actually looked around, you would see we have info on the movie. You won’t find outdated articles because the information can be proven untrue (Cotillard, Farrell).

      And suck for him? Since we’re making statements now without any actual proof as to what Robert Pattinson thinks, I’ll make one too. I would think he’d appreciate the support of his fans when so many critics are bashing the casting and fanboys of Cronenberg want to abandon the film. Would you like those articles?

      If you read the comments and posts thus far, you’ll see this community is a varied group of people who are intrigued by DeLillo’s novel and Cronenberg’s films. We are excited to see the pairing of Pattinson with Cronenberg. Some people will fawn over Pattinson, some will discuss the material critically, some will just enjoy the ride. But we are all kind to one another. Please try to respect that if you comment again.

      • apotampkin

        interesting that this person leaves this comment on a thread that’s all about the casting of the female lead without a Rob comment in sight!

    • Thank you For the Love for jumping into our casting call conundrum! I don’t know about the rest of you ladies, but I think she’s done quite a bang-up rendition of Elise in the early stages in the book. Back when she frigidly rejects Eric’s amorous advances, remaining aloof, brittle and sadly “desperately unexceptional.”

      I think Eric had the perfect response:
      “Someday you’ll be a grown-up… and then your mother will have no one to talk to.”

      • now you sound like an obsessed woman fawning over Robert Pattinson….surely not someone who’s read the novel and enjoyed discussion about it. 😉

        • She does not realize that portals come in all shapes and sizes. Even in the form of Robert Pattinson’s gaze!

          Amazing indeed. Though he would probably shun that, but blogs like this would prove him wrong. If he can embrace it, the way Viggo did, instead of doing a death dance with fame he can turn it into a positive outlet for opening the eyes of others.

      • She knows he just wants to fuck and she knows the difference. During the day he learns about sex too along with “money” and “floating signifiers”.

  • Keira is great and Vanessa Paradis would be great. Meg Ryan for the “scorched blond”. Eric will be the role of Rob’s life.

    • Apotampkin

      I can’t help but see Kim bassinger as the scorched blonde. She is the classic one don’t u think? Maybe too old though….

  • gabi

    the blonde should be Michelle Pfeiffer..she looks wicked and sexy

    • apotampkin

      oooh yes I could see that too!

    • she doesn’t look like herself anymore 🙁 did you see her on the Golden Globes?

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  • Joshua Bailey

    Hey Cronenberg Fans,

    I’m currently carrying out a study into the cult following of David Cronenberg as part of a project in the final year of my degree, and I was wondering if anyone would like to answer a quick couple of questions as part of my research.

    I to am a Cronenberg fan, but I know nothing of his following and I’m intrigued to learn more, so if you’re interested, feel free to answer honestly to a couple of questions, it would help me out a great deal.

    Question 1. What in particular in Cronenberg’s films appeals to you?

    Question 2. What is your favourite Cronenberg film and why?

    Question 3. What is your least favourite Cronenberg film and why?

    Question 4. There are many Cronenberg fans who havent taken well to the news of Twilight star Robert Pattinson has being cast for the lead role, given that Pattinson is generally affiliated with a mainstream market and a specific target audience, far from anything you would associate with David Cronenberg. What are your opinions on this matter?

    Question 6. Why do you think Cronenberg is classed as a “cult” director?

    Question 7. Is there anything further you would like to say about Cronenberg?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post, if you can answer any of the questions, not even all of them if you don’t have the time, then you would still be helping me out massively.



    Long Live the New Flesh!

    Josh Bailey.

    Level 6 Film Studies Student at Kingston University London.

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