Official Water For Elephants website debuts

Water For Elephants has an official website!

So far, it displays the trailer and a beautiful edit of their poster. Plus release date, tagline, facebook “like”, and other legal info

cap from the website

Hopefully a Water For Elephants store will be added. I know I would like to purchase one of these desperately…or start sweet talking a theater manager. 🙂

from a theater in Los Angeles

93 more days!!!!

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  • Gah!! Literally gives me goosebumps. Just so you know, though, this will always be my official WFE website.

  • SnowyHedwig

    Sweet talk a manager, casually remove the poster from a box when no one is looking… (LOOK! Is that Rob?!)

    Glad to hear about the new site, it just makes it feel like we’re that much closer to seeing this on the big screen!

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  • silkyfine49

    i am so excited about this movie, can’t wait to see

  • I get all warm and fuzzy inside every single time I watch that trailer!

  • This is great! My “go to” WFE will always be here but just the fact that the studio created a Web site for the movie (not always done) is a sign of confidence. 🙂

    I want that poster too! I will find a way to get it. 😉

  • Johnny D.

    WFE the book, hit me hard, short circuiting every emotion. Haven’t been touched by a book like this in years. Casting for the movie is dead on, wetting appetites to the extreme w/ tremendous anticipation of it’s release. Like a kid waiting for Christmas I’m overcome with excitement. Images of scenes dance in my head. I only pray that the movie remains faithful to the book and those images. The trailer gives me hope of that, so do the stills, making me more excited than I ever thought possible.

  • Shirley Storrs

    I hope after this movie comes to theatres Rob will no longer be pegged as “Twilight’s Robt. Pattinson” on talk shoes, etc..