Cosmopolis casting update: Who’s confirmed out (hint: it’s not Robert Pattinson)

One of yesterday’s many Cosmopolis casting rumblings is being confirmed today. The Playlist reported Marion Cotillard was no longer attached to the project which has been confirmed by her reps today to However, Keira Knightley’s reps are not able to confirm her involvement at this time.

Keira Knightley

We were curious which other actresses our readers could picture in the role of Elise Shifrin and ran a quick poll. (See the results HERE.) Don’t let the poll fool you, I’m actually quite happy (excited even) about the possible casting of Keira Knightley. She’s more what I pictured age-wise (especially playing against Robert Pattinson’s Eric Packer) and I loved her performance in Atonement. Add to that the fact that David Cronenberg seems eager to work with her again (Cronenberg’s next film, A Dangerous Method, features Knightley). This seems a huge vote of confidence in Keira Knightley’s acting ability (bah to people who say otherwise… Oscar and BAFTA nominated actress!). Sounds good to me. 😉

Cosmopolis is scheduled to begin filming in Toronto on May 23.