Cosmopolis production aiming for a younger audience?

From @akstanwyck writing for indieWIRE:

Cosmopolis,  David Cronenberg’s adaptation of Don DeLillo’s novel is switching things up: both Marion Cotillard and Colin Farrell were on board, but now Rob Pattinson is in and Cotillard is out, possibly to be replaced by Keira Knightley. The production is aiming younger (and Twilight “RPattz” fans could pull some numbers), which seems odd for the director of A History of Violence, Eastern Promises and the upcoming A Dangerous Method. The latter is also starring Knightley, so Cronenberg’s interest in her sounds legit. If Cosmopolis ends up as Pattinson and Knightley, the result could be a face off of who’s prettier.

"I believe the chilren are my future..."

*massive eye roll*

Are you with me on that? I find it hard to believe the production team is going for a younger audience with this story. I can’t see it being rated less than R. Weren’t critics the ones noting Twilight fans didn’t come out for Remember Me? So why would they think Cosmopolis production team would think they’d fair differently with a character like Eric Packer? Why do they think Cronenberg is a fruitcake?

This line of thought vexes me. What say you? You think Pattinson and (possibly) Knightley equals “teen beat here we come”? Pfft. Nancy Babich that.


  • No way for younger audience, story is just …NO .. the writer of the article maybe didnt do his home work

  • let me say my piece, they did not comeout for RM in the US, because it was an american tragedy, it the rest of the world RM did pretty well, ps do your home work, it took 16million to make it made over 50million world wide, ROBERT do not have allot of twilight fans, so gave him a break even check and see how much DVDwas sold in some countries look for your selves people

    • Hey Vangie 🙂

      I’m not understanding your comment. There was an assumption by critics/studio that Twilight fans would come out to support Remember Me and that just wasn’t the case. The marketing of the movie was towards younger audiences as well.

      What akstanwyck says in her article:Cosmopolis production might be shooting for that younger audience again.

      What I’m saying in response: That rings false given Cronenberg’s filming record and his established relationship with Knightley (if she is the chosen one).
      I’m also skeptical of that line of thought due to the film preferences of Branco’s production company.

    • I agree with you there…When I went to see Remember Me I had no idea it was going to end like that…When I saw the chalk board with the date on it, I knew exactly what was going to happen…I knew right then that Charles office was in one of the towers…I grabbed my cousins hand and squeezed it so tight, and the tears came falling…I was begging out loud “please please let me be wrong, oh god please don’t let this movie end like this” I was crying so hard and holding my cousins hand so hard…That day will always be hard for me…It was truly the worst day of my life, as my best friends husband worked for AON Corp on the 98th floor of the South tower…She was on the phone with him after the the second plane hit…There was a lot of confusion, she was on the phone with him pretty much till the end…No I will never forget that day…I also can not watch Remember Me all the way through…

      • Yeah…I remember that day like yesterday as well. I stop the movie after Tyler is bailed out of jail the second time. I got the message of the movie and found it to be true. But it’s not easy to watch all the way through.

  • @bellasguardian

    There is so way that Cronenberg is aiming for a younger audience here. That just is not in his repertoire.

  • Oh please, please, please, let the pres stop associating Rob with Twilight…Water For Elephants can’t come out fast enough…The world will be like Twilight, Edward Cullen, RobSten who…It will finally be Robert Pattinson the acclaimed British actor…Which he so well deserves…And if Cosmopolis is less than R rated, I say what the hell book did you people read…Lol

    • AMEN! WFE is like our beacon. How wonderful was it to hear him associated with WFE at the GGs? 🙂

      • Yes I was so happy to hear him talk about WFE and even Cosmopolis…I am super excited for 201…I cant’ wait for Rob to be able to shake the Twilight tag…He is so much more…My first Rob encounter was obviously Harry Potter where I said allowed oh, why do they always kill off the adorable ones…I didn’t even know who he was at the time…Then when I saw him cast as Edward I was like hmm he looks familiar…Then it clicked oh Cedric is alive…Lol That’s when my research began…Who is this adorable young Brit…

  • To say this movie is being targeted to a younger audience is just the critics who are quick to call out Rob as a horrible actor trying to save face by saying the movie targeted to younger audiences without saying they think Cronenberg made a bad decision. But ultimately, that is what they all think. They are so wrapped up in Twilight that they can’t take a step back and say “if Cronenberg sees something, maybe we will too.”

    I’ve only read the 1st chapter of the book at this point, but I don’t see anything that would indicate it would be meant for younger audiences. The movie seems like it can’t have anything less then an R rating, so how can it be targeting the teen Twi fans? Of course we know there are many Twi fans who are not teens, but I am using the bloggers logic.

    I’m sorry. I’m just really confused by all the hate that has been generated by the film blogs that I’ve seen. And it’s all directed towards Rob. How can they blame him? Cronenberg called and he answered, as any actor would have done. If they are pissed, they need to blame Cronenberg, but it seems they all refuse to. The good news is, I’ve seen a lot commenters on these sites say while they don’t understand the casting, they will give it a chance. And ultimately, that is what a real fan of Cronenberg would do.

    • Great thoughts, Amber.

      The critics on these film blogs seems to have some resentment issues towards Pattinson. It’s rather immature. I’m not saying they need to pave the road to Cosmopolis in gold and praise the alter of Cronenberg but just relax!

      All they know of Pattinson is Twilight. All they WANT to know of Pattinson is Twilight. That’s their bread and butter. But they just sound like a broken record now and petty.

      Are these people even reading the book? There’s no way this movie goes PG13. The production company doesn’t even seem to have “blockbuster/twilight teen audience” written all over them. And it would be a disgrace to DeLillo. We can talk more about that when you wrap up the reading.

      In fact, our next reading group post, I need to remember to ask you to post a comment with a link to your discussion group. It would be fun to read what you guys are saying as well.

      • Yes, we def need to exchange links on this. My group has had some really interesting thoughts that have even blown me away.

        And, um, nail. on. the. head. They only want to know Twilight, so it is boggling their mind that Rob is moving above and beyond it. And wait till Rob proves them wrong. I can’t wait to read the blogs then. That’s what helps me get through all the negativity. Cause I know they are going to have to eat crow sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.

    • Cronenberg is making a film that addresses post modern philosophical theory as De Lillo does that all through his book. It is a dangrous role for him and he is brave enough to do it. Cronenberg does not make films with his primary concern the bottom line as Dummit Summit does. He is an auteur and his master is Godard. When Breathless was a smash Godard felt he had done something wrong and planned to correct it in the future. Which he did. None of his films are commercial blockbusters or commercial successes really. They are simply art. Same for Cronenberg. But he is Canadian and Canada supports films with public funding. Canada has always made cutting edge films.

      Rob spent 10 years making career choices in the UK that were mediocre but they were what he was able to get. Then he said he tried to make the best of them. Kristen however, was different. She made a film because she felt it was something she really wanted to do. Now she has taught Rob to do the same. I can’t even say here how fantastic and cutting edge De Lillo is with Cosmopolis. The fact that Cronenberg did Ballard’s book Crash indicates he understands all about French post modern theory. Now Rob will too. He is not likely to make any more WFE romantic drama schtick either.

      Dummit Summit in Red put together some fine talent so they could make a mediocre geriatric shoot em up bang bang flick. I venture they will waste all the money Kristen and Rob made for them keeping them out of insolvency and making them major playas. For awhile at least until the $ run out.

      You heard it first here.

  • LTavares2011

    This article is a ridiculous joke in my opinion. Now they are going to insult the recognized career of Mr Cronenberg by saying such stupid things, only because “this person” think that he comitted an heresy when has contracted Robert! (LOL)
    Always the same thing. How Rob bothers “these people”!
    She only talks, talks, talks… (LOL)

    • Yeah…screw Cronenberg’s body of work. He’s just crazy now. Anyone that wants to work with Pattinson is just plain crazy….

      Did my sarcasm come across? 😉

      • LTavares2011

        Yes! (LOL)
        if these “critics”, who never read an entire book in their boring lives, think that Robert Pattinson is a mediocre actor, why would they waste their “precious” time speaking ill of him? They want to appear at the expense of Rob. He is a successful actor, he has come to stay and they don`t tolerate this.

  • Journalism is dead. When will this man ever get the respect he deserves as a legitimate actor? He’s not some fly by night teenybopper pretty boy. And I am NOT a sex crazed teenager who reads Tiger Beat. I am a sex crazed adult who does NOT read Tiger Beat. 🙂 I digress. Just reading Cosmoplis will prove that this movie will not be geared towards a younger audience. And if I see anything with a PG in that rating, I will be highly pissed.

    Off topic: I had no idea RM would have an ending like that either.

    • The funny thing is, if they really did their homework on Twilight fans, they find that most of the teen base is all about Taylor, not Rob. It’s the adult fan base that digs Rob. That’s why the career paths each of them have chosen work well. Taylor will be the big blockbuster, action flick guy while Rob will go more of adult movies with scripts that wow. Taylor will make more money, but (hopefully) Rob will come away with more accolades.

      • They will turn lovely Taylor into chopped meat too.

    • He will get the respect he deserves when he makes films with a director he respects. Weitz was pretty good and taught him a lot which he used in Remember Me. Weitz lost the final cut on The Golden Compass-a beautiful film-and went into a depression over it for years and wanted to leave filmmaking for good. Even messed up it was superb. The CGI demons are to die for. So Rob made sure Summit wouldn’t cut RM to pieces by becoming a producer for it. IMHO I think he put the skids under Catherine as he had conflicts with her. she ruined Twilight. His Edward was perfect in some places but you could see where he had to do what she said. But I read that he argued a lot with her.

      RM had lousy distribution and that was Summit Dummit’s fault. And even then it made a lot for them.

  • DebbieCDC (aka SeattleChik)

    This is SO not a teenager’s story/film. I wish to fuck these goddamn “critics” would get off their Twilight obsession. What does it take to get them to move on??? A respected genius director casts young attractive actors in an adult, complex film and that means pandering to a teen audience? OMG, I want to be a critic. To get paid huge bucks for spouting bullshit like this must be the easiest money to make.

    • LTavares2011

      Me too. (LOL)
      If It is so easy to write any crap and get paid for this, I want to be “a critic” too.

      • No you don’t. At least not that kind of critic. If they write trash and get responded to then they got what they wanted. . They are not going to spend a year or so reading Foucault, Deleuze and Baudrillard just so they can understand Cosmopolis. However I think Rob will delve into it so he can understand Eric. The more I ponder this book the more I love it.

    • Look these critics don’t have a clue. They have no idea what Cosmopolis is really about.

      • They really don’t. Not even on a shallow level. In their mind it’s all about “who’s gonna hook up with Robert and be his wife?”…making it soap opera-y which it couldnt be further from.

        • Film blog comment (paraphrased) “Will Rob and Keira have the chemistry to pull off a married couple?” Really? Erm, read the fucking book. Massive eyeroll is right.

          • LMAO! these people….they think Cosmopolis is a fruitcake.

  • mlbuchina

    As my Grammie would say: That’s their tale, I sit on mine. Such rubbish. I agree with DebbieCDC and RobPattzBoo, all they see is Twilight, and have no desire to see anything else. For me, Twilight was nice, but what was great was discovering a wonderful actor who’s career I would like to follow. There is no other actor that draws me to the theater. I don’t sit on edge waiting for other movies because of who is in them, just his. He chooses to play complex characters with interesting stories to tell. I really hope that #WFE is going to be his breakout movie. However, if critics want to continue to keep their heads in the sand regarding his abilities, let them. I will still look forward with bated breath for his next film, and enjoy every minute of it. 😉

    • WRE will get him more admirers yes. It is not a breakout film. But Cosmopolis is. It’s a stunner of a book and Cronenberg is a director with integrity or De Lillo would never have let him have it.

  • Marina H.

    Pshhhh TOTES Nancy Babich on that! *snap*

    As others have said, it’s obvious to me that these reporters are going to have to read the novel and not wikipedia to know that this is most definitely NOT a “teen” story. Already in our discussions we’ve talked about a lot of deep and adult topics that will be brought up in the film.

    I think casting Robert might be a surefire way for the studio to get money and ticket sales, but I don’t think they cast him to get “young” people. Casting Keira would merely be adhering to the integrity of the story, really. Elise is only 22 (right?)

    Until people (ie press) get a feel for what the plot of the story is and see how it will be filmed, I have a feeling we’re going to be hearing a lo of “these” types of stories. Why is the press being such a fruitcake?

    *rolls eyes back at Chauffeur Tink*

    • press is such a fruitcake right now for this film. there were those couple of thoughtful critiques we posted about the Pattinson casting but after that? fruitcakes.

      i need a reminder on her age. i said 22 to someone but then i second guessed myself and thought, “or is that how long they’ve been married?”

      remember in reference to his blue eyes? looks like i need to start round 2 of reading 😉 the marinating round…

  • Dee

    Critics do what they are paid to do……be critical. It’s too bad they do it before a film has even started. As you said it must be nice to get paid for being wrong. The thing that made me laugh was how at the end of the year when all the movies in review came out they turned around and called Remember Me “one of the best movies you missed this year” and touted how little it cost and how much it made. They are a joke and I hope Rob pays more attention to his fan base than their cutting words. He’s doing fine and making good choices with good directors. Do we really want him in a Jennifer Aniston rom com? He’s better than that IMHO Sorry …not a JA hater just lousy movies.

    • critics do what they are paid to do. Yes and no. Burroughs says that the purpose of the media is to perpetuate itself. Do you like that one?

  • My head hurts from surpressing an eye roll…oh, no, I cant hold it in any more… *rolls eyes*

    I’m so sick of this…when are they going to realize that they’re being petty and stupid in their attempts to keep Rob in the “franchise” box?? He was cast in Twilight, yes. That was a great door opener, yes. But is that all he can do? NO! The fact that they’re trying to turn every single project he does into “something for the twihards” may it be WFE, Bel Ami or now, Cosmopolis…just frustrates me to no end.

    This time around a successful, praised by the critics-director approached Rob. Someone who doesn’t need Rob’s name to raise money for funding a movie, doesn’t aspire to reach the mass-market, doesn’t need a big star to pitch his project. He’s an established, beloved, cutting edge director and HE wanted Rob. What else do they need??

  • After reading all these comments I really don’t have much to add because most of you are so spot on! No one with any clue about this book could call it something for younger audiences.

    As for CH, yes, she made some bad decisions on Twilight but you have to give her credit for casting Rob in the role. He embodies Edward in the films, just as he embodies every other character he has ever played. That is what makes me love him so much as an actor. Because I don’t ever watch one of his movies and think about it being a “Rob” movie. From the second he appears on the screen, I only see Edward, Tyler, Toby, Art…he disappears completely into his character and that is just fantastic to watch.

    I really thought that RM would go farther than it did. It was such a fantastic and relevant film. And yes, I was among those who had no idea what I was in for when I showed up at the midnight show. The boardroom scene gives us such a wonderful sample of Rob’s range that isn’t seen in his earlier movies. We really have only begun to see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his capabilities as an actor.

    I do think that Water for Elephants is a break out role for him in the sense that he’s cast with Oscar winning actors, playing a beautiful character. The book is so good and I cannot wait to see this movie. And yes Tink, hearing them say “From Water for Elephants” at the Golden Globes just made my night! As much as I love Twilight, I’m ready for Rob to be able to move on. And yes, I’m more excited for WFE than I am for Breaking Dawn.

    Bel Ami and Cosmopolis are extremely different roles for him as well. An opportunity for him to play a different kind of character. My favorite thing about all these films? (With the exception of RM) They are all book adaptations. I love to see Rob getting to do those because he is such a reader.

    Wow, looks like I had more to say than I thought I did! LOL

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  • Barney

    Get used to the fucking critics, guys. Cronenberg always had problems with those idiots. I’m a long time fan of his and they never understood his movies. Just google “Robert Fulford” and read about the “Shivers” controversy.

    • the critics keep things spicy 😉 some assume bringing on Pattinson was a move to make a blockbuster and i just don’t buy that. doesn’t seem like Cronenberg’s MO. the story isnt for everyone and i think Cronenberg, Branco, Pattinson all know this. they’re out to be artists in my eyes.

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