IMDb changes: Robert Pattinson and Keira Knightley in…Paul Giamatti out?

This is worth noting because look at a screencap we took last week:

Paul Giamatti is gone. Previous talks of his involvement were back when Colin Farrell was still attached. No recent articles discussed his involvement as fact and Giamatti was only listed on IMDb for Cosmopolis. The mysterious Tom Archdeacon is also gone.

We know IMDb can be altered but this is an interesting development, nonetheless. Knightley is still not officially in the limo since our last word on the matter yesterday from Entertainment Weekly. Knightley’s rep said “nothing could be confirmed at this time.

For now…looks like a Nancy Babich for Giamatti.

  • LTavares2011

    According to IMDB Keira is on board the limo again. I hope that they are not refreshing the page based on that previous information of the page of Alfama Productions.

    • we’ll see but im more interested in Giamatti being removed. hmmm

      • LTavares2011

        Maybe Giamatti is out. Who knows? I´d love to see him working with Rob but if he can`t, patience. I’m sure another great actor will replace him.

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  • lemonie1

    Its all very intriguing and frustrating. Isn’t this quite unusual to put names to Characters and then put them in the public domain before negotiations are at a very late stage? (or are confirmed) Seems a bit frustrating for the fans and a bit futile for marketing purposes….. Oh Well – and by the way what or who is Nancy Babitch (I,m guessing its a nice way of saying Bitch? – but I,m English and I,ve never heard that slang term over here!

    • Hi! At this early stage, it’s pretty common for casting to go through changes like this. Cosmopolis has been in development for a while and, inevitably, people’s situations change. Like you said, oh well. 🙂 In the early days of Water for Elephants, Sean Penn was attached to the role that was eventually played by Christoph Waltz!

      Nancy Babich is an important name/reference from the book – I don’t know if you’re reading so I won’t spoil for you but it most definitely is not ‘Bitch’! 🙂

  • Marina H.

    Tink, I love when you say Nancy Babich! Hehehehe…

    The more drama surrounding the casting, the more excited I am to see who finally settles in the roles. Can’t wait!!

    • I love it too….its our secret code in the girls club. 😉

  • After seeing Paul win a GG I was really excited that he was attached to this project and was doubly excited that Rob would have been working with another great, award winning actor. I checked Paul’s IMDb page and he’s got a busy 2011 and 2012 so far. Interesting project for him coming up with Clooney, Gosling and Tomei … good for him.

    I still haven’t read the book so I have no idea who could replace him.
    But I know you ladies will be quick to let us know. 😉 <3s