Cosmopolis wallpapers by Gittsy

Hope you’re all having a great weekend, reading Cosmopolis and getting ready for tomorrow’s discussion group. Or as I prefer to call them “Chauffeur Deb gets her Cosmopolis questions answered” group. 😉 It’s a complicated read but I’m digging it. I’m into it.
Here are  a few wallpapers by the lovely Gittsy to keep you inspired and/or motivated to read. Do it for Rob!
Click image to get fullsize.
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 Be sure to visit gittsy’s blog to see more.

Psst… Deb24601 is also really digging the Les Miserables poster in the background papers. 😉 *saves*

  • what is this? battle of the chauffeurs Packinson? i’d like to remind everyone (the chauffeurs that are used to my stubbornness) that MY choice for Eric Packer is on the schizophrenic production website. that pic hasn’t changed. just sayin’… 😉

    • *Sticks head in limo* NANCY BABICH!!! *runs away screaming*


      • tinkrbe1l3

        Did she just…*notices bakery, hops out limo to buy a pie*

        • Marina H.

          oh devil!

        • I hope its banana cream pie. I flove that kind. 😉

  • Alice87

    those are both great!!! I wish I could finally start Cosmopolis, but I have to finish another book first…

    Looking forward to tomorrows post!!!

    Happy Sunday! 🙂

  • i am still awaiting my book, i ordered from barnes and nobel

  • Marina H.

    Beautiful papers!! I love the shot of New York in the background!

    Did you knowwww that Chauffeurs Tink and Deb were battling over those 2 Robs? I think they’re battling again now. I just heard “Nancy Babich!” Uh oh…

    *slips back in limo before it gets ugly*

  • Those are gorgeous! 🙂 <3

  • Well I ordered from when you all did and have had mine for days for 3.00 plus postage. All finished and will read again. It ties in perfectly with Social Network.

    • I saw SN two nights ago and went back again this afternoon. I don’t think I’ve felt this way about a film since Pulp Fiction. Everything in it is perfect. And Andrew Garfield is smashing. He gives off a lot of the same vibes as Rob. It’s that European elegance that comes with culture that most American boys no longer have. You all missed them in the early to middle 50’s just before Elvis.

  • Shoegal2547

    Great wallpapers…the second pic is one my favs though! ;0