Paul Giamatti says he will stalk Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis

MTV talked to Paul Giamatti at Sundance. This is the first time we’ve heard Paul talk about Cosmopolis since the re-casting of Robert Pattinson and we are THRILLED to hear he’s still attached and excited about the project. #TEAMBENNO 😉

Paul Giamatti

Earlier this week, Paul Giamatti was at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival to support his film, “Win Win,” a title that also aptly describes another flick the recent Golden Globe-winner has on his horizon: “Cosmopolis.”

Why is “Win Win” so fitting a description of Giamatti’s participation in “Cosmopolis”? Well, he gets to work with director David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson, of course!

After Giamatti, who stood with his “Win Win” costar Bobby Cannavale, admitted he was “not sure” when production on “Cosmopolis” would come together, there was one thing that was certain: he’d get to work with the “dreamiest man alive.”

“I get to stalk him,” a deadpan Giamatti said of getting to work on a set with R-Pattz.

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  • rpattzgirl

    This is outstanding news!!!

    Paul will make an excellent Benno-he’s a little crazy himself!!

  • YES!!! This is great news.

  • Marina H.

    “That makes me really happy.”

    o/ Yay!

  • But what will all those angry film bloggers who were SO sure Giamatti would leave the project once Rob was attached do?? Oh, sad day for them to be wrong. I guess they might as well get used to it.

    • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

      LOL, Amber, you are SOOOOO right!

      I hope they all choke eating their words

    • No kidding, Amber!

    • Tinkrbe1l3

      Hahahahahahahahaha 😉

    • YA! Stupid fanboys…

    • robsessive

      They were wrong as hell Now they know what is the truth however they accpet it or not its there

  • That fucking sweet!

  • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

    Paul will be terrific as Benno — I can just picture him in that final confrontation with Rob. *bouncing up & down in office chair with excitement*

    • I was just saying the same, I can SEE him with the towel on his head, the gun on his lap. *shiver* This news calls for a celebration! *vodka shot*

    • Yes!! I see it too!! I can’t f*cking wait for this movie!!

  • Denise

    Glad Paul has finally confirmed that he will be Benno in this movie, which makes me sooo happy.

  • robsexme

    Happy day! I’m so thrilled to hear Paul is still attached to this movie! =)

  • Aussiegirl

    … And suddenly Cosmopolis reassumes an aura of street cred … great news for the film and Rob. He gets to work with good crew. Good crew.

    • Cosmopolis is too out of the mainstream artistically and intellectually for them to have a handle on it. Ha are they in for it. This is big Oscar territory. The Universe of Simulation via Baudrillard and cutting edge post modern theory. Take that Hollywood!

      • pausner

        I think it’s beyond Oscar territory. The Oscars are a little too mainstream for this, maybe.

        It’ll still be great.

  • I just watched the MTV News video clip where Paul says he gets to stalk Rob and that he hasn’t met him yet. Any thoughts on why they wouldn’t have met at the Golden Globes? The room wasn’t that big, and their tables weren’t that far away from each other.

    • LOL that is random…but you know at those events, the stars are very much controlled. move here, go there, picture here, wave there. Rob appeared to be on quite the schedule for the GGs (during and after) and then with Paul winning a GG, he had press to do after and LOADS of people that would want his attention.

      • I’m nothing if not random, Tink 🙂

        You bring up valid points as to why they might not have had any face time with each other. I guess I’m biased. It’s Rob’s face. How could Paul not give it some time? LOL! I’m going to pretend there was eye contact made, even a little salute of 😉

        • Yeah, from across the room Rob does his wave and Paul does a “Bang Bang” motion. *wants video*

          • Rob should have mouthed “Nancy Babich” to him while he was on stage.

          • Don’t forget. They already have a conversation icebreaker . . . Rachelle Lefevre.

          • Marina H.


            Yes. He should have.

            Also, he needs to start saying that. Auhll the time. LIke us.

          • robsessive

            That would be priceless

      • Yeh, it’s a meat market eh? I love Helena Bonham Carter’s fuck you to them with her Hallowe’en outfit. She’s not gonna give ’em cleavage or have them compare designer dresses with Who Wears It Best? crap in the tabloids. It’s an insult to Rob to name him best dressed. Kristen would kill them if they tried to do that to her. But he got back when he said Cronenberg. No big Hollywood house for him, no American just a real artist Canadian. I bet they are pissed about that.

        • robsessive

          I dont like that stuff too Who wears what Who is with who The workd that they do just stays behind it and I believe Rob doesnt want this

  • This is great! Thanks for the 411 Deb. {smooches} <3

  • LTavares2011

    Great News!!!! I love Paul so much. Rob is a very lucky man. In RM Chris Cooper and Pierce Brosnan, Kristin Scott Thomas in Bel Ami, Christoph Waltz and Reese in WFE and now Giamatti!!! WOW!!! Only the best for Rob, only the best.

  • Suziekew

    I certainly hope this does not change. It’s very encouraging that he’s talking about it, but am just a wee bit concerned he doesn’t seem to know when it’s shooting and also his name hasn’t been added to the Alfama website. But no doubt that’s just the usual “clueless about my schedule” actor thing and the scared Alfama intern who’s too traumatized after the Knightley brouhaha to make a move without getting triple confirmation and a signed affidavit lol

    • i know what you mean….let’s put some hope on it….the role isn’t large so he wouldn’t be required for a long time….they could get him in and out real fast…and actor often don’t know their schedule. their management does. and unless their management clued them in, they wouldn’t know what to say. i bet paul and his team weren’t expecting josh or anyone to ask him about cosmopolis. so they didn’t think to let paul know the deets on that film.

      it’s very positive that he vocalized still being attached to the project tho 🙂

      ok…that’s me throwing some hope on it 😉

  • Anybody see Giamatti in American Splendor? Gorgeous perfect wonderful movie. Linda Cohen whom I knew in Phila scored the music. She was/is? a folksinger now working again I think with Michael Katz of Cats’ Cradle and Mandrake Memorial a long time ago. Second Fret with Joni Mitchell.

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