Cosmopolis inspired wallpapers by Jules

Is it hot in here? Packinson papers for you to lick and save! Thank you Jules for sharing.

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Visit Creations by Jules for lots more Rob-inspired art. 🙂

  • Hey, thanks so much for posting these. *hugs* Would just like to point out that since I haven’t read the book, I’m thinking these are all set before Eric’s life goes down the toilet (as it were). I’m just sensing things start to go badly wrong for him….o.O
    Have a great day lovelies. 🙂

  • Hey Jules…you do know that if I went a little ga-ga over the Details pic of Rob leaning on a table that now putting Rob’s hands against a limo is kind of doing me in, right? Okay you know now.

    Love all her Rob-inspired creations!

  • Alice87

    your blog is just awesome Jules!!! Love your work! 🙂

    oh, btw, I´ve ordered Cosmopolis & Bobby Long´s Album on amazon yesterday…. *squee*

    You guys hopefully won´t mind that I´ll come here every day next week, to ask you questions about the book?!

  • Kim

    on fire wallpapers/thanks! yikes he’s gotta quit smoking or I”ll have to have one with him.

  • Marina H.

    These are so yummy…thanks for sharing them!! <3